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51st Annual Daytime Emmys to Air June 7 on CBS, Paramount+

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Well, don't you think it is kind of expected that people say nice things about their scene partners? But, I get you with rolling those eyes of yours! Personally I just thought that B&B had more than their share of nods. Seemed strange.

Some of the others from Michael Fairman's Zoom. I don't think I am duplicating. Hope not. 

Eric Martsoff submitted various scenes in the custody battle & commended Stacy as his scene partner in them all & then capped it with Marlena trying to talk some sense into him!
Tamara Braun: scene in the mental institution when she thought she was losing her mind. Turning the gun on the guy who tried to rape her. Easier scenes with Harris in Paris.
Allison Lanier: Summer confronting Diane after her mother died. Kyle informs Summer they need a divorce. Scene with MS when she found out she was alive.
I found Finola to be amusing. She said a producer Michele someone was helping her but as usual she procrastinated till the last moment & this producer threatened her, saying she had 23 hours or else! So, she did the accidental shooting of Charlotte, finding out Valentin had lied to her, an emotional scene with Sonny about her having shot this child & her breakup with Valentin. So, to me, she sounds strong. 
Were you at the Zoom? Mike Manning looked so good & was so interesting. I thought of you & @AbcNbc247 when he was on. He not only talked about The Bay but also Tamara & DAYS & his husband who he relies on because he is unfailingly honest with him. Fairman is very good to read comments from the chat so he got a bunch of compliments, which he sorta squirmed, was quite humble & appreciative of that part. It was endearing. Seems like a really nice guy. 
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Here's a reply I got on TwiX. I asked my good friend Mark & he said this guy would know but he didn't know if he was at liberty to say. Then this guy replied. I can't interpret because I'm not familiar with the show. Perhaps someone here can expand. 

Ep 1 - hair in food at cafe; lost dog; proposal in the woods (Guy Pearce)
Ep 2 - guy with dog gets dumped; paternity of son of 2 lesbians
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Who Do You Think Was Snubbed??? Arianne Zucker Was The first that came to mind! She carried DAYS on her back for most of the past year, and wasn't even nominated, Who Else Do You Think Was Snubbed?

Colleen Zenk deserved A nomination for Guest Performer

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One Has To wonder, maybe Ari chose not to submit amidst the mess of recent events in her personal life 

You're right! Also maybe Sharon Case should've been nominated for the Cameron Kirsten Storyline! 

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Eric Braden's Michael Fairman interview (video/text)


His reel is "some scenes with Adam." I wish they would ask their publicists for episode numbers instead of asking the actors.


Braeden says when he won in the 90s, he was not at the show because he was doing a Shakespeare play. His last nomination was in 2004 and he hasn't submitted his name in over 10 years. He's excited about this nomination and even sent the announcement to his brothers in Germany.


He says the reason he submitted this year was due to changes in the voting process that he's long advocated for, that "opened up" the process of the voting panel. Does anyone know more about this? Did it used to be that daytime actors judged the reels, and now it's all SAG-AFTRA members?

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