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51st Annual Daytime Emmys to Air June 7 on CBS, Paramount+

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LOL! The annual who should and shoudn't have and who weren't nominated complaining begins. That Guest Actor category has to be the next to be eliminated. Dick Van Dyke was truly a Guest actor. Alley Mills was not. You should not be a Guest actor year after year. 

SO glad Colleen Zenk wasn't nominated. Never liked her acting. And, you're not a "Guest" if you've been on the show for 6+ months and counting. That is not a "Guest". That is a regular role. Put yourself up in the big girl categories - supporting and lead.

KKL is meh. She's never won for a reason. Same with Melody Thomas Scott. Longevity doesn't equal award worthy. 

Happy for Scott Clifton. 

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These nominations are bonkers.

What happened with GH’s submissions that they flopped so hard?

You have The Bay sneaking in with two Supporting Actor nominees (A Martinez and Mike Manning) and last year’s winners Robert Gossett and Alley Mills being the sole GH actors nominated outside Lead Actress.

They used to dominate.

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Well then you can't know, can you?

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If you haven't watched Bold in 2023 and seen all of KKL's performances, which I assume you haven't...  Since you wouldn't be basing your opinion on "hearing about it" - you can't make the assumption that she "didn't have it this year" just because you didn't "hear about Emmy worthy story". 

When her Emmy reel gets public, which they all do, you'll SEE and not only hear... why she was nominated. 

And stating that she is in one of... some other actress's spots is just... Strange.

KKL has given plenty of great scenes and moments in 2023. That woman has worked her ass off.


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Posted (edited)

You would know limited - you stan the show's worst actor in its entire history. I trust your taste in lack of talent. 

P.S - I have never EVER bashed TK's talent. He is an amazing actor, just badly cast. If you are going to attack me - at least don't lie. 

Edited by Althea Davis
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