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51st Annual Daytime Emmys to Air June 7 on CBS, Paramount+

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He would have to be since they got rid of Younger Performer, but there’s so much competition.

If the category was still around, he probably would’ve won. 

All because the academy was too stupid to see how certain adult leads would cheat and scheme and pretty much steal the award from two little kids

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As usual, these nominations include a lot of head scratchers and names that make me want to scream and then LMAO.

-- For Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye again? For WHAT? And John McCook again for playing an old dyIng man? And 3 actors from BOLD? Three???

-- For Lead Actress, Michelle Stafford's nomination is a joke, a complete joke. I love KKL, and she's been overlooked far too long, but WTH did she do last year that warranted this nom? And where is Melody Thomas Scott if we're going to put up people who've been slighted in the past? Oh, that's right, she's not well-liked.


I'm sure the rest of the nominations will be just as laughable.


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I'm not saying these first nominees aren't worthy...

It's just that those of us who watch/follow soaps would likely nominate several others.

B&B has never been strong with male leads - so this is *surprising*

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