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Y&R: January 2024 Discussion Thread

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I totally agree. re: Audra. It's been fascinating seeing all these layers coming off of her. Like she seems to genuinely respect Nikki, but is having flashback to her father and his drinking. She genuinely seems to be hot for teacher a la Tucker, but she is NO ONE's doormat when it comes to him now which I felt she was at first. And you can STILL see she has feelings for him, but she ain't stupid and sees he still loves Ashley. Meanwhile, all that is on her face and body language and yet it's hidden as well. And her vixen scene with Nate just reminds me of how she was when she met him in her first scenes, but her and Nate had turned into more mentor/confidante in the last year. So...ANOTHER case of Hot for Teacher. And all that going on and you can still see her screws turning in her head, giving an old school schemer.


I'm happy to see Diane a little bit more, but I'm curious to see where it goes.


I'm also curious to see where things go with Cole as well. I've wanted him back for years if only to break up the Victoria/Billy marry-go-round. But I don't know where he can go off the top of my head. 

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Something that I was thinking about and frankly, was bothering me when I decided to tune in again to see what was going on with this show. Diane is an accomplished architect who had her own career and now, it was just reading as someone who has given up her talent and everything she built to stand by her man. Yes, there is the question of what would she do, how would that look onscreen but right now, she could have been taking meetings at Crimson Lights (like everyone else in town) with Sharon on designing Sharon’s office building. Do we have to see it? Do we see half of what anyone does for work anymore? Or they could just do a weird CGI a la Summer’s rollercoaster ride or Chance and Summer’s concert date or a CGI construction site or exterior, like they do any number of places. Photoshop can do any number of things these days.

Welp, a perfect illustration of my previous post, @dragonflies. They’re already doing it so they might as well fully commit and branch out.

Although, they could give more detail and better shading and light.

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I fully agree that Audra is a great character. Still, I can't stand that Josh Griffith has her moving from one company to another...and then back to the former company and then to another.

All she talks about is being in charge somewhere. NO ONE spends 2 weeks at a company and gets upset because they haven't been named CEO. She took a job at Newman WORKING FOR NIKKI, and immediately decided she could never be in charge there because family.

And then we had to listen to Audra call Nikki a "legend in the business"??? Jesus.

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While the show could get a little more energy out of their performers, MTS is doing great work falling off the wagon and Sharon named the company Cassidy made me cry, including that very touching scene of her and Nicholas talking about it later. Of course, this is built off of the (emotional) strength from something that happened 20 years ago, but it counts that Y&R can still go there.

Then again, you had something like Christine and Phyllis' scene, which was more fizzle than fireworks. Because of the low energy performances (especially from Bell), Christine's egging of Phyllis to get a rise out of her came off as simply out-of-character writing for Christine - I mean, I think that's what Christine was trying to do, but you wouldn't know from the execution.

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