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Days: Beyond Salem Chapter 2 Spoilers

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Judging by the way Steve is dressed, I’m assuming that Ron is finally going to do that Hope involved with a Navy Seal storyline that he wanted to do 

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Here is the blurb from NBC Universal (as already posted in other threads):

In the epic, action-packed tale that spans the entire globe, from Monte Carlo to Hong Kong, beloved characters from “Days of our Lives” will once again go “Beyond Salem” as they trade the comforts of home for an adventure of a lifetime! Over the course of five thrilling episodes, heartwarming family reunions take a dangerous turn as a mysterious adversary wreaks havoc on their lives.
The next chapter of DAYS OF OUR LIVES: BEYOND SALEM is story full of larger-than-life romance, jaw-dropping twists, and high-stakes drama – and it all connects back to a plot that long-time “DOOL” fans will surely remember.


Here is the cast so far:

Kristian Alfonso - Hope
Peter Reckell - Bo

Edit to insert:
Scott Shilstone - heavenly adult Zach Brady

Victoria Konefal - Ciara
Robert Scott Wilson - Ben
Deidre Hall - Marlena
Drake Hogestyn - John
Christopher Sean - Paul
Stephen Nichols - Steve
Mary Beth Evans - Kayla
Lucas Adams - Tripp
Tanner Stine - recast Joey Johnson
Abigail Klein - recast Stephanie Johnson

Colton Little - Andrew Donovan (son of Kim and Shane)
(Andrew hasn't been onscreen since his childhood)

Loretta Devine (from Gray's Anatomy) - Angela

Camila Banus - Gabi
Remington Hoffman - Li Shin

Victoria Grace - Wendy Shin

Eileen Davidson - Kristen
Vincent Van Patten (Eileen's husband) - Phil Hellworth

Miranda Wilson (formerly Cheryl-Ann Wilson)
- returning as Megan Hathaway, the role she played 1984-1985.

Steve Burton - returning as Harris Michaels, the role he played in 1988.

Krystal Beyer in some sort of medical role, maybe U/5


The spoiler tweet in the first post of this thread was deleted.
The episode descriptions are up on Rotten Tomatoes


1. Reunion
Air date: Jul 11, 2022
Ben, Ciara and Baby Bo visit Hope as Bo watches from the heavens; John attends a Pride celebration with Paul; Steve and Kayla spend quality time with Stephanie, Joey and Tripp; as these families reunite, mysterious foes come between them.

2. Three Prisms
Air date: Jul 12, 2022
Devious plans are made to unite the magical prisms; Harris charms Hope as Bo fumes; John and Steve are held captive as Paul and Andrew Donovan team up to find them; Joey and Tripp search for clues to find Steve and recruit an unexpected ally.

3. A Gala and a Wedding
Air date: Jul 13, 2022
Wendy, Joey, Tripp, Paul and Andrew prepare to attend a gala DiMera is hosting to reveal a prism; Li and Gabi partake in romance; Hope reveals the truth about marrying Harris to Ben and Ciara while Bo attempts to intervene.

4. Extra Life
Air date: Jul 14, 2022
The DiMera gala is underway as guests from Salem come together; against their will, John and Steve plan to secure the prism but are interrupted by Marlena and Kayla; Ben and Ciara take on Harris and Megan; Bo and Hope are reunited.

5. Second Chances
Air date: Jul 15, 2022
All hell breaks loose at the gala as brainwashed John and Steve make a play for the prism while family and friends try to break the spell; at the botched wedding, Hope and Megan face off while Harris struggles within; Bo gets good news from Angela.

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Not really.

They said that ... for the first Beyond Salem that they had to do something literally outside of Salem in other location(s) - - - so that it wouldn't affect the continuity of regular daytime DAYS.  The idea being that some viewers might not see Beyond Salem right away if they don't have Peacock, and it might not be available right away in other countries.  So they filmed an independent five-episode Beyond Salem One, with the idea that it's canon but ... the characters in the regular daytime show wouldn't refer to its events until several months later on, so that by that time the daytime viewers would have had time to see Beyond Salem and understand the references.  And also regular daytime viewers could *never* watch Beyond Salem and still be able to follow the storylines because the stuff about Leo being a jewel thief was summarized enough on the main show with a few lines of dialog.

So for Beyond Salem 2 -- they are doing the same idea -- going to multiple locations and dealing with special objects (prisms instead of a jeweled peacock),
so I get why you're saying it's the same thing ...

But it actually sounds quite different because Beyond Salem One was a new story about the peacock.

Beyond Salem Two is dealing with an ACTUAL storyline from the 1980s.  Something that's past canon.

The press release said "it all connects back to a plot that long-time DOOL fans will surely remember." 
Now we know it is the Three Prisms storyline from the 1980s.

Background for everyone:
Here is the Three Prisms storyline from Beth's Days Page archive:

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@janea4oldYou made some great points. I only hope it's good. Looking forward to seeing Megan. As well as Paul. Ron Carlivati did step it up for Beyond Salem #1. So hopefully he'll do the same for this installment. Also looking forward to seeing some better production values. Then we get on Days.

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Additional tidbits via @Errol

In Chapter 2, beloved characters from “Days of our Lives” take part in an epic, action-packed tale spanning the globe, from Monte Carlo to Hong Kong, as they trade the comforts of home for an adventure of a lifetime! 

Supercouple Steve and Kayla (Nichols and Evans) make a surprise visit to their children in Seattle, 

while private eye John Black (Hogestyn) travels to San Francisco to see his son, Paul (Sean). 

Meanwhile, new parents Ben and Ciara (Wilson and Konefal) drop anchor in Montreal – where they are greeted by a much-missed Hope (Alfonso)! 

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