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ATWT: Marnie Shulenberg dead at 37 :(

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OMG! No. So young. Just cheated out of a chance for a full life. Breast cancer sucks rotten eggs! RIP May light perpetual shine upon her.  I loved her as Allison. From Wikipedia, Personal Life section:

Schulenburg married her boyfriend of ten years, actor Zack Robidas on September 15, 2013.[19] She gave birth to their daughter, Coda Jones on December 12, 2019.[20][21][22]

In May 2020, Schulenburg revealed that she had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which doctors mistook for a mastitis diagnosis that is common to new mothers.[23][1] She described her cancer as the "most insidious kind, inflammatory breast cancer which doesn’t look like typical breast cancer, more aggressive, affects younger women, and disguises itself as a breastfeeding infection."[24]

So, breast cancer is evil.

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