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News & Gossip from the mid-1980s per The Soaps of Yesterday

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@will81's Tumblr The Soaps of Yesterday is so juicy I thought we should have a place to discuss these older news stories (both personal and professional) - https://thesoapsofyesterday-blog-blog.tumblr.com/


1.  Remember when soaps had money to burn?  Weddings in 1984 were very expensive affairs with $10,000 to $20,000 spent on the dresses alone!

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2.  But off-screen marriages did not go as smoothly for Marcy Walker or Alec Baldwin



I think Janine Turner's southern accent was real


3.  I had always though there was more to this story


But, apparently it coincided with an overall cast exit from SFT


4.  And finally, one of my favorite soap gossip stories of all time



@Franko I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful threadship


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Also, nice to know that Susan Seaforth Hayes got the last word, literally and figuratively, when Doug and Julie left DOOL in 1984. Even if the dialogue is toeing the thin, thin line between touching and cheesy.


"Let's go upstairs and cut a slice of heaven."

"I remember the first time, and it's been heaven for me ever since."


(And who knew the Hayes never had a fan club? 'Night, y'all!)

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@Chris 2 if you thought the Alec Baldwin material was catty I thought you should see some other fan opinions of the time


I'm tickled both by this fan's derision of a baby actor, and Jon-Michael Reed's admonishment that not everyone can survive in daytime

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To be fair, Terri Vandenbosch was no Julianne Moore


Ryan's Hope fan were also not happy

And Lynda Hirsch feels its important to note that even men feel the same way


As always Jon-Michael and Lynda are not fans of the Daytime Emmys


However, when asked who should win this year Lynda went with James Mitchel. whose plot she derided for weeks prior

Then there's this tidbit


More off-screen drama - Gloria Loring and Alan Thicke are getting divorced and Tristan Rogers's divorce is messy


In other news they retract the Marcy Walker gossip from last week

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Well, I'll be darned. I had no idea Robin Mattson read for the role of Patsy in Terms of Endearment. (If James L. Brooks had made Broadcast News at the time, I could see Robin playing Joan Cusack's role, Blair.)


Elsewhere on ABC, Jon-Michael Reed is claiming GH "took action too late" in becoming an ensemble show again. "It is just now paying the long-overdue price of loading emphasis on two characters who are no longer visible. (Need we mention Luke and Laura?)"

Then why the hell did you, Jonny Boy?


Oof, feels kinda foolish (to me, anyway) that Grant Show dropped out of college in his last semester at UCLA to join Ryan's Hope. Oh, well, at least it wasn't Edge ... And then again, everybody's favorite Venus/beach bimbo/ex-Catholic schoolgirl Eileen Davidson is a college dropout and things turned out just fine for her.


We're up to the Rauch era beginning on OLTL, Santa Barbara debuting on NBC ... I guess the next biggie will be Loving scoring Ryan's Hope's old timeslot.



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