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GH Recasts Lucas Jones

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He has a much more mature look than most of the actors who’ve played queer characters on soaps, certainly in recent years, but I’m not sure if he’ll get anything substantive to do.

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14 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

Does this mean Lucas becomes a contract role? “Here to stay” would imply that, but GH is overrun with recurring characters.


The way Daytime Confidential worded it ...

according to what they've heard ....

He's not a temporary recast  --  in contrast to a recent GH recasts who were only temporary recasts.

For example:
This isn't like Lindsay Hartley as a temp recast of Sam due to Kelly Monaco's mask issues.

And it's not like Briana Lane as a temp recast of Brook Lynn while Amanda Setton was on maternity leave.

So he could be "here to stay" as an occasional recurring character.  Or "here to stay" on contract.  But either way, he's not a temp recast.

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2 minutes ago, janea4old said:

So he could be "here to stay" as an occasional recurring character.  Or "here to stay" on contract.  But either way, he's not a temp recast.

It’s just odd to use that terminology for a character who is barely used vs. a contract, long-term character like Sam or Brook Lynn. I suppose the show and Ryan Carnes have simply cut ties for the time being. The way this all has been handled and communicated is... curious, that’s all.

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I was thinking about past times with recurring actors ...

There was one time a few years ago when Bradford Anderson had a scheduling conflict, so GH used Blake Barris as a temp Spinelli for a short arc. And then Bradford was back the next time Spinelli had an arc.

And I think it happened once several years ago, when Jon Lindstrom had a scheduling conflict, so somebody else played Kevin for one episode. And then Jon was back the next time Kevin had scenes.

I saw some speculation/wondering on twitter if this was something like that ...

Wondering if GH needed Lucas Jones for Julian's exit storyline, but maybe Ryan Carnes had a scheduling conflict so they pulled in this other actor temporarily for these November scenes?
This was just random speculation by viewers on twitter.


But the Daytime Confidential article seems to imply that Ryan Carnes is not coming back...

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And that’s the thing. GH could have just said Ryan Carnes was no longer available, so they’ve recast the role for a short-term arc. Or simply that they’ve recast the role, period. Instead, we got nothing, which led to a lot of confused speculation when people saw a brand-new Lucas. (I think GH really underestimated viewer attachment to RC.) And the DC report creates more questions than it answers. 

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I have always felt RC should be on contract, but then again, I'm not sure if that was his choice.  Since we have a recast......


What happened with Ryan Carnes? No reports yet, but he will be missed. Good luck to Trudeau, who has large shoes to fill. Will he be utilized better than Carnes? time will tell. Lucas has been absent in his own story for the better part of the entire Wiley story. Being the adopted son of Tony Jones and Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer, one expected him to drive story. Instead he's mostly been an afterthought in his first major on-screen romance (with Brad), mostly off-screen while Brad and Lucas' bio Dad Julian referred to Lucas. It's 2020 and the gay couple have always been reduced to watching "The Golden Girls" and "Knots Landing" while raising Michael and Nelle's son off-screen. Let's hope this recast brings Lucas, and his anger at the constant manipulation at the hands of the soon departing Julian and off in prison Brad to the forefront. JMO

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I wonder if it’s as simple as Ryan Carnes not being based in LA and not returning due to Covid. We know Lucas (or any gay character) isn’t getting a story, so likely they just need him for a few episodes for Julian’s send off and then he will disappear for months once again. 

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I still can't believe they did it when RC has played him most of Lucas's time on the show at this point. 


It does seem like something is going on. Hopefully it is just a schedule conflict. 

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5 minutes ago, AbcNbc247 said:

Maybe Ryan walked unexpectedly and Frank just decided to be petty and not announce that Lucas was being recast.

Ryan has been busy with indie films the last few years. Maybe he did decide not to return

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