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GH Recasts Lucas Jones

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18 hours ago, Vee said:

I think Thomason and Hogestyn were both good, they just got virtually no chance to do anything on the show. CJ Thomason was excellent on the CBS slasher miniseries Harper's Island a few years later. That said, Carnes made the role his in the last decade by returning as a much more seasoned actor, and the way the show has consistently treated Lucas is shameful. I don't have any interest in Frank's latest [!@#$%^&*]-you move.

I loved CJ Thomason on Harper's Island.  I remember being so disappointed about the missed opportunity of his Lucas while watching HI on Netflix a couple years after it originally aired . . . that was when Lucas was off canvas for a few years and I had no hope he'd return.  Even though he's been so botched since his "return," I at least appreciate RC brought him back and there was an attempt at a gay triangle on GH.  However, we shouldn't have to appreciate crumbs that amount to nothing.

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The Lucas recast aired Nov 16.

Ryan Carnes' birthday Nov 21st  and  Jacklyn Zeman's tweet making it clear she still thinks of herself as playing momma to him  ...





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