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The Black Lives Matter Thread

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On 9/18/2020 at 12:25 AM, janea4old said:

Trump said that teaching about systematic racism in schools is a form of "child abuse".  


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Travesty. But no one expected different.


Nothing for the police department who initially arrested Breonna's boyfriend

Nothing for the police department who interviewed Breonna's former boyfriend and attempted to get him to implicate her in some of his alleged crimes.


Basically the life of the people in the other apartments who were not hurt is more important than hers.


And this AG can stuff it. Any DA basically has a lot of latitude in charging who and how they want to charge.

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3 hours ago, Taoboi said:


Quoting excerpts from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:


Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis Police officer charged with murdering George Floyd on Memorial Day, posted a $1 million bond Wednesday and was released from the state prison where he was being held pending trial.


In response, Gov. Tim Walz announced Wednesday afternoon that he was activating the Minnesota National Guard and mobilizing 100 state troopers and 75 conservation officers to help local law enforcement.

“Out of an abundance of caution for the safety of Minnesotans, we have asked the Minnesota National Guard to prepare to assist in keeping the peace,” Walz said in a statement.


It says the mobilization was requested by the city of Minneapolis to allay public safety concerns regarding Chauvin’s release from custody. The Guard is mobilizing 100 soldiers and providing equipment and facilities needed to support public safety.



It’s unclear how Chauvin afforded the noncash bond, which was backed by a New Jersey-based bail insurer. Financial information related to bond and bail postings are not public data.


A bail fundraising effort on GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding site, reported 37 donations totaling $4,198 as of Wednesday; its goal is $125,000.


“Chauvin has excellent legal representation but it’s extremely difficult to mount a full & vigorous defense when you can only meet with your attorney once a day for only two hours,” said the fundraiser description. “As importantly, Chauvin deserves to be with his family and friends.”


The fundraiser was organized by Chauvin’s family in St. Paul, according to the site. The information could not be independently verified.


“I’m gonna keep saving for you, Derek!” wrote one donor who gave $5. “You will be proven innocent!! [sic]”


“His release on bond is a painful reminder to George’s family that we are still far from achieving justice,” tweeted attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Floyd’s family in a federal civil rights lawsuit.





From the CBS Minneapolis TV station:

Chauvin’s $1 million bond comes with conditions: he can’t leave the state without written court approval, he’s to have no contact with Floyd’s family, he must remain law abiding and make future court appearances. According to state court records, Chauvin posted a non-cash bond guaranteed by Allegheny Casualty.


“He’s financially responsible for a small portion of it. They are the surety that’s on the hook if he were to violate it,” Rachel Moran, associate professor at St. Thomas School of Law, said. “He used a company out of Brainerd that appears to have gotten assurity from a bond insurance company in California. So it’s that bond insurance company in California that’s actually funding this and is on this hook if Chauvin were to somehow violate conditions of the bond.”





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Emmanuel Macron is moving his government further to the right unfortunately, in a supposed effort to outflank Le Pen and the right-wing contingent, so that is the motive for the legislation to make it illegal to film the police, (especially when the officer in question can be publicly identified. For instance, a badge with the name and number. If someone is being beaten within an inch of his or her life, I don't think making the perpetrator look flattering will be utmost on that person's mind.) This new law is clearly a rebuff to the tools being used to empower the community against police brutality.  France is truly headed down a bad road, but I don't see these new batch of laws making things any better. I actually see them making things worse.

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The more details that I read about the brutality of this assault, the angrier I become.


If not for the details of this obvious assault going public and making graphic the unprovoked violence by police, Macron would have steam-rolled his plan to make filming the police illegal. Instead he has to rescind it, rather inconvenient to his hope to make ouvertures to the right-wing, I guess.


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