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The Hits Keep Coming for the Retail Sector

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While all but a few 'Big Retail' stores appear to be struggling, small, proprietor-run stores appear to be holding on and even thriving in some places. Being connected to the community in which they are located seems to be a big part of the reason why.

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That's one way to make use of an empty Macy's, I guess.


My only question is if there were no Covid-19, would officials have detected the PCBs in the school building and soil?


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    • My parents got the Pfizer and have been fine. They've been out and about with mask with no problems. I was vaccinated with the Moderna (not my choice). I've been doing well going out sparingly with mask with no problems.    My aunt and uncle took the Johnson & Johnson with no problems.   If you feel uneasy wait for the Moderna or Pfizer to be available.    Here in Texas the Moderna is more available one. They've stopped giving the Johnson & Johnson.
    • Jesus. So Brandi & Kary manage to duck accountability and uncomfortable questions because of 'audio issues'? WTF? We've been waiting all season to see them get called out because god knows Stephanie isn't going to do it for us!   I swear, Dallas cannot get out of its own damn way sometimes. I love and support the show, I make a point to watch because I think it is worth saving. However, it is making its own cancellation bed with this. Reunion should have been about rescuing this season's RHOD!     LOL it is seriously Bad News Day in the RH universe today.        LOL Gamble is overhyped, though she carried the show on her back during the earlier seasons. No replacement for Gina and Lydia, however.   And Jackie... 
    • I've been asked to book a vaccine appointment! I'm pro-vaccines and ready to do so. However, I am getting increasingly nervous about the news reports regarding blood clots + Astra Zeneca. I am in the UK and will probably be offered the AZ jab as they are saving the Moderna ones for the Under-30s. I'm actually not sure what to do as I'm starting to feel stressed about it. I'm not sure I can request my choice of jab, (i.e. Pfizer, which looks fairly effective against some of the variants).
    • I’m listening to Kary and Kameron’s podcast and they gave some reunion tea. Apparently Kameron did well and brought receipts, but the audio issues were so bad that Kary was on a delay and the ladies couldn’t hear her. They mentioned also having audio issues with Brandi. So this is about to be a disaster lol. 
    • Outside of genocidal dictators, it’s hard to imagine someone more evil and destructive.
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