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LATEST RATINGS: May 27-31, 2019

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17 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Not a great week but DAMN at those yearly losses for B&B. Are we going to see *another* reset?

Dead baby switch is a huge hit.  LOL.  And we all know the show skews older but good lord - 700,000 more viewers than GH but is now finishing behind them in demographics.  Some weeks it was 1 million more viewers and finishing behind GH.  The only viewers must be 55+ and alot of men.  Or people living together in rest homes.  The show is so bad...a huge death is coming and I couldn't care less about who it is.  Could be Eric, Brooke, Ridge....wouldn't care.   Instead the "major" death will be Dr. Buckingham, or Zoe, or Emma (Most likely), or Xander (also a most likely).  


And the character of Flo is a major flop.  Maybe it will be her that will die.  Has to tell the truth, cannot tell the truth, must tell the truth, feels guilty and must tell the truth, no I can't tell the truth, we can never tell the truth, and I just HAVE to tell the truth now...etc. etc.  And we know nothing about her anyway or why she would even have done this for Wayne Brady....did he have something on her, did she owe him for doing something for her...nothing was ever explained.  And viewership is showing how sloppy the show has been for several years now...easy plot points they just gloss over and expect viewers to be stupid and forget.


Along with the very poor Forresters and Spencers who can only afford a Nanny here and there, and no one goes to work.     

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