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Y&R 1980s Character returns

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9 hours ago, Khan said:

Was Parucha not available?


Good question as Parucha returned in 2003. However I think the consensus was Parucha was never a strong actor and with  Matt being a weak character, it all just withered away, mainly becoming a trivia question for Y&R viewers to ask each other every few years.


I’m actually surprised they cast a no name actor as opposed to some “name” actor play him. 

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ATWT did something like this in the final decade of the show so I'm always cynical when a soap that is one a downward slide makes moves like this.


The problem is when the soap wants to try to generate excitement and interest among longtime viewers but then casts a different actor, most likely, so that they can write the character as they see fit--even if the character bears little to no resemblance to who he/she was in the past.  

In a sense, they are drawing on the feeling of goodwill that fans have on the show's history and that character, yet end up alienating some of those same longtime fans by presenting a character that seems like a totally new character, not the one they remember.


Because Y&R seems to be into changing so many character's trajectories/backstories, it wouldn't surprise me if they've elected to do something similar with Matt Miller.


...but hey, it's been ages since I've actually watched Y&R, so...who knows?

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I prefer the original actors when they bring back characters, but in some cases it can work.


I could picture someone like John Beck being Matt Miller even though he is about 10 years older than Parucha. If they wanted keep him around the same age as before, maybe Greg Evigan ?


If they ever brought back Casey Reed as a recast, I could picture someone like Lindsay Wagner being the new Casey. 

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