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CBS Television City Up For Sale?

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15 hours ago, DaytimeFan said:


The shows apparently have a guaranteed 5 years to shoot at Television City. But I'll believe that when it comes to pass. I think we'll see some of them move to the CBS Studio Centre earlier than that.

I agree. The game shows and Corden will probably leave as soon as possible. B&B and Y&R with their massive number of sets and the fact that they are NOT owned/produced by CBS are completely different story. 

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    • Tre’s hair kinda looks like Margaery Tyrell’s from Game of Thrones at the Purple Wedding lolol.  This wedding looks so f’n tacky.  Dolores really looks lovely, though.  I hope she got paid real well by Bravo after everything Teresa put her through.  And, of course, the real drama is who wasn’t there—Joey & Melissa, Kath (+ Victoria, Joey, aaand RICHIE lol) & Rosie and their mom, and Dina (I really want the full story here beyond not wanting to appear on Bravo). Re.: BH this week… wtf was that, Rinna?!?  She’s scared she hasn’t brought anything to the table beyond Lois but she was the one who humiliated her damn self with whatever that was.  I do agree that Sutton should just say she did it to defend Garcelle.  Like why not??  And to Rinna’s credit, I will also agree that Sutton’s, in her own words, “moment of flippantness” did defame Harry… husbands who keep their noses clean (NOT Mo and PK!) should be left alone, in my opinion.  But this misunderstanding (and it does feel like it was) is beyond lol. Ya didn’t miss Kyle, Crystal, and Diana at all.  And, ya, Dorit is so much lighter & brighter away from The Coven, but she is a treacherous chameleon through and through.
    • Speaking of the Locher Room, that was a lovely tribute to John Gabriel as well.  I was finally able to finish it on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Several of the guests commented on having had few scenes with him, but of course once I thought about it, I remembered Nancy Addison and Diana van der Vlis have both been gone 20 years or so. Seneca's story with Jill did overlap with both Delia and Rae's relationships with Frank.  To Ilene Kristen's point about Seneca being too smart to get involved with Delia, he was too smart even to work with Delia or Rae to keep Frank and Jill apart, whatever he may have worked solo to do. There were some interesting Rae/Seneca scenes post-Kimberly that made it onto YouTube, fighting over Seneca and Kim's baby.  I recall one really good one even made it into the St. Patrick's Day marathon that SoapNet would air every year. That was a nice story about JG reaching out to LS after she was let go.  For some reason, I thought Rae and Seneca were both written out around the same time—right after Labine and Mayer's departure—but I guess Seneca stayed on for a while as the generic doctor?  I can't imagine him interacting with any of the new characters from the mid-'80s.
    • Watching the DC Final. I never paid attention that Kyrgios has only won 7 titles?  And Nishioka would make a pretty drag queen. 
    • Theresa's gown is a real-life "what you ordered vs. what you got" situation given the designer's sketch from the NY Post Please register in order to view this content also poor Dolores, always the bridesmaid, never the bride, and without the dignity of being invited to the engagement party.  I wonder if Jennifer's brother the jeweler gave them the earrings?
    • But, you'd better act quickly, unlike the books which sell for hundreds of dollars, DVD players are being quickly obsolete DVD sales have fallen more than 70% between 2011 and 2021, CNBC reported, and now make up less than 10% of the total movie market. DVD/Blu-ray Disc player use remains in decline, with household penetration dropping to 57% in the first quarter of 2020 from 73% at the end of 2017, according to data from Nielsen.
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