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Prince William and Harry Diana documentary


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Likely due to some combo of PR, loving and mourning their mother, and possibly knowing some trashier documentaries are coming soon, William and Harry have made a documentary about their mother, their memories of her, her charitable work, etc. 


Brave isn't the right word to use, but seeing them wear their hearts on their sleeves is touching. They both seem to have cracked up in the last few years, in their own ways (no wonder when you think about their lives and their parents), but I think I prefer the more honest images we're getting now. There's a good moment in this where the man doing the documentary tries to get William to tell what he spoke with Diana about in their last conversation - he can barely hide his disdain in how he responds to that fishing expedition. 


It's also interesting how little Charles is mentioned in this, especially since I sometimes wonder if they are becoming slightly more distant from him. 


Beyond their talk of grieving for her, the most powerful moment is William talking about what the paparazzi did to his mother. He even says that they would spit on her. 


Anger seems to be where William feels more genuine - the man-of-the-people moments we see elsewhere remind me of his father. Harry is much better at those types of interactions with the public.



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The documentary was a fine tribute to their mother. However, it would have been far more interesting, to me, had they involved people like Prince Andrew, Sarah, Duchess of York, Prince Edward, Lady Helen Taylor, Earl Snowden - everyone from Diana's age bracket who weren't involved in the Charles v. Diana divorce and knew her in a way that her sons would not. 

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