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Explosion at Ariana Grande concert in England


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My heart absolutely breaks for the victims, but I feel terrible for AG as well. Certainly not a fan but how do you get on stage and perform after something like this?  Such an awful world

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There's an update to Stephen Jones. A man named David Sullivan, along with his son rented a house for 6 months for Stephen Jones so he has a place to live rent-free while he gets back on his feet.  Hopefully he will but depending on how long a period of homeless Jones has experienced, he may need additional support for rebuilding (skills & job training, emotional/psychological help) his life.


Homeless hero who pulled nails out of children’s faces is given a home


Chris Parker, another man, also homeless, helped at the bombing site.  Apparently, his estranged Mother saw him on the news and claims that she wants to get in touch with him and rebuild their relationship. She said she had no idea he was homeless.  I don't know why they are estranged but hopefully this is a genuine desire as he could probably use some help recovering his life. 


Estranged mum of homeless hero desperate to be reunited with him


Despite all this terror and tragedy, humanity has shown itself. Maybe for these two men, the community can have a closer look at how they became homeless in the first place to root out the causes and help others in the future.


Still, knowing the fate of those victims, teenage girls, their parents, grandparents, friends- there's really no bright side to that.




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