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Y&R Late Summer spoilers

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Oh geez. Someone really needs to fire showkiller Pratt ASAP. From Soapdom: 


  • Summer and Luca's big day is coming quick and Daniel returns to town for the event! However Noah and Marisa return as well to plot and scheme against the pair thus Summer's wedding may lead to the ultimate heartbreak!
  • Cane and Lily are concerned about Neil's secret family past. The investigation into Neil's mysterious, sordid past life will lead to something surprising to occur...
  • Billy and Phyllis are rocked to the core when they come to realize that either Victor or Colin knows about their affair!
  • As Chloe lets her guard down around Kevin, Jill's suspicions are aroused about Bella's paternity. Can Chloe fend off Kevin and Jill's instincts regarding the truth of Bella's paternity? 
  • Adam is exonerated of the murder charges but prison time has left him stark raving mad and he is charged with assault of a prison guard. Leslie returns to help her old friend out but can Adam regain his sanity? 
  • Victor tries to sweep his connections to Bethany under the rug but it seems the problem may not go away...
  • Nick and Mariah are concerned when Sharon's nightmares come roaring back! 



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