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Netflix: Stranger Things

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A fantastic summer series that really touched my heart. I grew up with all the films and various cultural touchstones it is heavily inspired by, not the least of which was Winona Ryder herself, whose Meryl Streep Silkwood shag haircut was her own idea. Also great: David Harbour who plays the sheriff, wonderful and largely underseen on The Newsroom. He's only going to get bigger thanks to this.


I assume they will be renewed - the response has been huge. The kids are all great too. Amusingly, the lead boy (Finn Wolfhard) was Cary Fukunaga's choice for the role of Richie in his planned film adaptation of Stephen King's It, which ST draws a huge amount of admitted influence from (King loves the show, incidentally). When Fukunaga dropped out of that production over studio conflicts, Wolfhard was able to play Mike on ST instead. Now that ST is on hiatus, he's filming It after all for the new director. Thing is, ST is so much like It and King's world that doing the source material now seems repetitious. Assuming ST is renewed and drops again next summer, I'm betting movie audiences will feel the same when the film is released the following September.

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What an amazing series! I watched the first two episodes earlier this week and then binged the last 6 episodes last night. And now searching for interviews with the cast/crew and reading any article I can find.  LOL 


The acting from the 5 pre-teens were very good - I think all of them have a bright future if they don't get caught up in bright lights and burn out.  All of them had great chemistry and really liked watching their friendship.  My favourite character was definitely Dustin - he's funny, smart, and a smart ass (in a good/funny way).   I love the 80's aspect of the show, from the snyth background music, to the soundtrack, to the opening credits (I never once skipped over watching these credits, it's so cool).   Really hope there's a season 2. 

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Probably not and no, IMO. But possibly on the former.

You were right! Scary at points, yes, but bearably so! Up to episode 3 and it is such a great series. The kids are phenomenal, it's almost shocking. Who knew a woman talking to a ball of Christmas lights would be so touching? And poor Eleven. I highly doubt I won't finish this in one sitting.

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