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I am impressed with Philip Winchester's performances as DA Peter Stone (the son of L&O's original prosecutor, Ben Stone). Physically, there's not much resemblance to Michael Moriarty...but they are virtual soundalikes. Bringing in Richard Brooks as Paul Robinette for a guest spot was a smart move.

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I watched the first two episodes and called it a day. Maybe over time the main characters will be developed better but the one Carl Weathers plays is almost less than one dimensional and the assistant was useless (especially in the second episode). They telegraph in the worst way. Both episodes used CPD characters as a draw and in both instances the plots would have worked better on CPD.


In the three hour oneChicago event, everything fell flat for me in the CJ portion. They should have at least had some of the CPD cast have courtroom cameos in support of Olinsky. And in the second episode they should have had all the CPD working to try to clear Atwood. It made no sense that he would have taken a plea so a miraculous resolution was apparent. It was also very sloppy and is why the assistant seems useless. They showed her in the beginning visiting the jail and she was made aware that the guy had thrown up, yet she said nothing about a tox screen. The fact that (except for Antonio), that team saw nothing wrong with sending a man to prison just to satisfy an activist minister makes them all hard to like. The SA pretty much shows up, makes veiled threats about his job and the ASA's job and goes MIA until it's press conference time is a waste of a character. They might as well hand out cases over the phone.

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    • BH Diana is one of the biggest flops we have seen in any Housewives franchise. She's calling Sutton boring? Girl, take your bullsh*t elsewhere.  Diana also brings out a very ugly side of Kyle as she defended Diana....which of course is nothing new. Kyle gravitates towards money and power, ever the realtor's wife from the Valley...I'm sure once Mauricio has sold a listing that will be curtains for their friendship.
    • Victoria outscheming EVERYONE.  Finally.   Such an interesting story about all the men assuming that the poor little woman is clueless and incompetent.  Everyone having conversations about this. (Men assuming that "the poor little woman is incapable of making rational decisions for herself" is really reflecting society right now.)   And meanwhile she is secretly being the queen here and taking down Ashland in her own way and on her own terms, without being *rescued* by any man. They are so underestimating her! Destroy them all!
    • That's a very true point & a very scary estimation.
    • Seriously, given the resources they have, compared to GL at the end, I think they are much worse.
    • There were three of those "series". Chad & Abby in Paris, Chapter One  Eight episodes Aug. 1 – Sept. 5, 2019 Chad & Abby in Paris, Chapter Two Eight episodes Sept. 19 – Nov. 7, 2019 Last Blast Reunion (takes place in New York City) Eight episodes Nov. 29, 2019 – Jan. 16, 2020 They were on a special "app" called the "DOOLapp" and that app was available only in the US.  You had to have the app -- they couldn't be watched in a regular browser window. They weren't streaming, and they weren't podcasts, but they were sort of like that.  Some viewers referred to the episodes as "appisodes" for lack of a better term.  The show officially called it a "Digital Series".  Each episode was between 6 and 10 minutes long.  The first few were uploaded at once; and then one episode was uploaded each week thereafter. These series sort of had same concept as what Beyond Salem does now - Salem characters interacting outside of Salem. It was canon.  But if you only watched the main daytime show and never knew about the DOOLapp "appisodes", it wouldn't disrupt your continuity of watching the main daytime show. The characters of Chad and Abby had exited the main daytime show prior to this. They had left Salem and were living in Paris.   This was a quick way to check in with the characters without requiring a longterm taping commitment for the actors.  The episodes were so short that I think each "chapter" was filmed in a few days. They introduced the character of Li Shin (Remington Hoffman) for the very first time in  "Chad and Abby in Paris".  Li and Chad worked in the Paris office of DiMera Enterprises.   Later on, Hoffman debuted as Li on the main daytime show in April 2020. For the digital "Last Blast Reunion" in New York, they brought back several of the original actors from the Last Blast Dance teen crowd of old for a reunion - who hadn't been on the main daytime show in many many years. Including Jay Kenneth Johnson and Heather Lindell -- who came to the main daytime show later in 2020. In a different sort of carryover ...  the 2019 Chad and Abby in Paris apartment set was used for the first time for the main daytime show in 2020 -- the set was used briefly at various times when Salem characters were running from the police and went to France and hid out at the DiMera Paris apartment.
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