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GH's Bryan Craig Crashes Car

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Jonny just stop. No one said "I wish he were dead". Come on. But it's clear he has a history of reckless behavior and no seatbelt is just another in a long line. He's a very lucky guy and he needs to learn to be responsible. His little woman enabling him doesn't help and neither do posters like you Jonny who say it isn't a big deal and brush off his behavior. Anyway ....

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U guys are too much he wasn't drunk or high. Accidents happen on the road. I bet most of you here wish he crashed and died. That would probably make u happiest at least he's okay.

He has his Emmy win and his car accident to milk for all their worth. I don't want BC to die i just want him to fade into obscurity 

Exactly. I've known enough people that have died in accidents...I would never wish that on anyone. As for his job in the role of Morgoon....recast!

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    • I am sure I said it here before, but Sonny as a character should have ended when he left Brenda at the altar.  It would have been the perfect character arc.  The power he craved cost him the family and love wanted as well.  Too bad Mo didn't make it big when he left.  I loved Sonny.  I still have love for him and MB, but you can't tell me 99% of what has happened with Sonny since hasn't been a dumpster fire for the show and the character.
    • That is correct
    • I just bought the dvd set which was around $20 and this is fabulous! I know the article above mention not having a budget that can compete with Dynasty, but the show looks just fine.   I’ve watched the mini series and first episode of the series and it made the transition well. I was surprised at how quickly I got into it. It’s very Dynasty inspired which I’d heard. I do wish they could’ve gotten another couple years out of it though. 
    • Please register in order to view this content     RICHARD ROUNDTREE GENERATIONS         Dr. Daniel Reubens    1990-91 BEVERLY HILLS 90210     Robinson Ashe, Jr.     1991 GENERAL HOSPITAL      Mourner at Mary Mae Ward's Service     1996 AS THE WORLD TURNS     Oliver Wendall Travers     2002-03 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES      Mr. Shaw         2004-05 STAR        Charles Floyd     2017-18 and SHAFT      John Shaft     1973-74 ROOTS        Sam Bennett     1977 A. D.       Serpenius        1985 OUTLAWS       Isaiah "Ice" McAdams     1986-87 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST      Cleon Manning    1989 ROC           Russell Emerson     1991; 1993; 1994 BUDDIES           Henry Carlisle    1996 413 HOPE STREET     Phil Thomas     1997-98 RESCUE 77       Captain Durfee    1999 SOUL FOOD         Hardy Lester    2000-01 HEROES              Charles Deveaux    2006-07 LINCOLN HEIGHTS    Coleman Bradshaw     2007; 2009 DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM    Lou Bailey    2009-11 CHICAGO FIRE      Wallace Boden, Sr.     2015 BEING MARY JANE   Paul Patterson, Sr.    2013-19 FAMILY REUNION    Jebidiah  McKellan    2019-Present   movies APPEARED as John Shaft in: SHAFT       1971 SHAFT'S BIG SECRET     1972 SHAFT IN AFRICA     1973 SHAFT        2000 SHAFT         2019   EMBASSY       Richard "Dick" Shannon     1972 CHARLEY-ONE-EYE        The Black Man    1973 EARTHQUAKE      Miles     1974 MAN FRIDAY     Friday     1975 DIAMONDS       Archie    1975 AN EYE FOR AN EYE     Captain Stevens    1981 YOUNG WARRIORS   Sergeant John Austin    1983 THE BIG SCORE     Gordon    1983 OPPOSING FORCE   Stafford    1986 GETTING EVEN    Dundee    1989 A TIME TO DIE    Captain Ralph Phipps    1991 SE7EN           District Attorney Martin Talbot      1995 ORIGINAL GANGSTAS  "Slick"    1996   GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE    Kwame     1997 CORKY ROMANO    Howard Shuster    2001 BOAT TRIP            Felecia's Dad    2002 SPEED RACER    Ben Burns     2008   Wikipedia page with awards and full movie list
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