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Something I been working on titled " Sinners & Saints"


Glynn Turman

Joan Pringle

Monti Sharp

Amelia Marshall

Davetta Sherwood

Marc Anthony Samuels

Daphne Duplaix

Janet Hubert

Mykel Shannon Jenkins

Stephanie E. Williams

Renee Goldsberry

Napiera Danielle Groves

Phylicia Rashad

Nathan Purdee

Paul Taylor

Ashlee Holland

Donn Swaby

Petronia Paley

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Robert Newman

Tracey Bregman

Suzanne Rogers

Dan Gauthier

Scott Clifton

Chandler Massey

(RN married to TB, SR is her mother & CM is their son. DG is RN's brother & SC is his son)

Victoria Wyndham

Vincent Irizarry

Michael Park

Tamra Braun

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

(VW is the mother of VI & MP. MP married TB and JMW Is their daughter)

Renee Goldsberry

Shemar Moore

Megalyn Echikunwoke

Jurnee Smollett

(RG & SM married. ME/JS are their daughters)

Austin Peck

Kristoff St John

(married couple)

Judi Evans

Sandra Ferguson

Kirsten Storms

(JE/SF are sisters & ks Is SF daughter)


Renee Jones (KSJ sister)

Susan Hayes (JE/SF mother)

Daniel Cosgrove (AP brother)

Tracey Ross (SM mother)

Ari Zucker (ex wife of DG)

Linden Ashby (KS dad)

Directed by, of course Alison Sweeney.

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True wish list, I'm sticking to soap actors, but I'm choosing them from any time in their lives.

(Family grandfather, son, daughter in law, 3 grandchildren)

Don Hastings (Doctor/Widower)

Robert Newman (From 2000) chief of staff

Donna Mills (from 1983) runs foundation

Jon Hensley (from 1985) college/med student

Chandler Massey (current) hs student

Genie Francis (1978) hs student

(Family- wife, husband, daughter)

Victoria Rowell (2000) media owner

Jason George (current) Cardiologist

Brook Kerr (1999) college student

Family (divorced mother, 2 sons)

Tricia Cast (2010) Nurse

Michael Sutton (1993) hs student

Adrian Bellani (2006) college student

(Family-3 sisters)

Maureen Garrett (1992) Editor

Kristian Alfonso (1994) Detective

Taylor Anne Mountz (1999) hs student

Sherry Stringfield (1994) doctor

Minae Noji (2005) works at foundation

Trevor St. John (2005) Works at foundation

Michael Lowry (2002) Former cop now P.I.

Michael Levin (1979) Chief of Detectives


Perry Shen (current) reporter

Brenda Epperson (1992) Nurse

Tina Sloan (1999) doctor

Joe Lando (1994) doctor

Davetta Sherwood (2004) hs Student

Justin Hartley (2008) runs club

Cicely Tyson (2000) Rowell's mom

Hank Cheyne (2008) ex husband Tricia Cast

Wayne Northrup (current) Chief of Police

Ellen Parker (current) runs local diner

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Around 1999 I was unemployed and started [briefly] making up a show called "Harkness Hills"

I just found the little bit I started.

I'll have to update my cast but originally I would have cast:

Holly Parker Valentin-Jonelle Allen

Jamison Haverman-Jack Betts

Jennifer Woodward Lewis-Ann Flood

Martin Lewis-Peter Brown

Melissa Lewis Haverman-Marla Adams

Renata Haverman Parker-Gail Ramsey

Dr. Glenn Parker-Richard Roundtree

Marian Geer Stevens-Domini Blythe

Miles Parker-Kevin Best

Liz Mellon Lewis-Christine Tudor

Dr. Calvin Stevens-Michael Weiss

Seator Lucas Stevens-[lives in D.C.]

Harold Lewis-commit suicide 40 years earlier, multi billionaire

Will update with different actors later, but these were choices then.

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