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2014 Wish List

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What's your wish list? Here's mine....


Sony hires B&B's set and and costume designer to give Salem a huge makeover. The show still looks awful. Xmas day episode was painful to watch with Sami's lipstick, Nicole's coat, Eric's Members Only jacket, Jenn's sleeveless shirt. And please redo the Horton living room. What's with the doll furniture in the background of the livingroom; that desk/secretary is too small..Ha!

Carolyn and Father Matt have a torrid affair

Tomlim/Whitesell steal GH's breakdown writers to craft compelling outlines so I won't need to snort a line to get through an episode

Eileen returns as Kristen with Eric's baby; the baby is possessed by the devil and Marlena performs the exorcism.


Silas and Sam move to Corinth.

Franco moves to Landview.

Kiki and Michael move to Monticello.

Brad is killed after being hit on the head by a Geod...(who knows what I'm referencing from GH's plot past?)

Patrick dumps Robin when he realizes she's a lesbian. Am I the only one who thinks there's no chemistry between JT and KM?

Theresa stops wearing Sami Brady's red lipstick.

Jackie Zeman returns to retirement, bless her soul...too painful to watch on screen.

Cartini kills off Luke in a spectacular death storyline similar to Stephanie on B&B and they rehire Genie Francis and pay her Geary's salary.

Denise Alexander is put on contract. What a classy lady and great actress! Seriously


Patrick Mulcahey and Michele Val Jean write two episodes each per week, then maybe I could watch the show consistently.

Ron Moss's wife is cast as Lorena, a crazed woman out for revenge on Ridge for an affair they had while he was offscreen. Lorena plots to cut that Scottish sausage off his manly frame.


Sally MacDonald is named executive producer after JFP mysteriously disappears in a sensational kidnapping where the prime suspects are Robert Guza, Nancy Curlee, Pam Long, Josh Griffith, Tom King, Megan McTavish, Michele Val Jean, Alice Barrett, Ellen Parker. Turns out Scott McKinsey kidnapped her and forced her to watch his mother's last GL episode before she quit while JFP was on vacation, in the ulitmate act of revenge.

Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante are replaced (they are forced to return to GH when Sony steals the other GH breakdown writers for DOOL) by Nancy Curlee and Stephen Demorest with Kay Alden as creative consultant. Curlee's first plot is the introduction of a new villaness named Farren Phelps who turns out to be a serial killer seeking to off anyone who's had too much botox, restalin or other cosmetic work in Genoa City: Nikki, Esther, Chloe (so young and she can't move her face), Gloria, Paul, Lauren.

Michael's secret past in Louisiana comes back to haunt him when nude pix of him at Mardi Gras are discovered and Lauren realizes he's gay.

Paul is suspicious when Jill's voice gets deeper and he uncovers the truth about her past that will blow the town apart. Jill was a man before she started working at the hair salon all those years ago.

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Trust me, DAYS needs NO pointers from GH. DAYS does have its problems, but I think it's the best daytime soap left by a large margin.

My wish for GH for 2014 is simple: Either truly commit to keeping this show on the air and fire Cartini and beg Wendy Riche and a soap writer from the '80s or '90s (nearly anyone from that era would be better than Carlivati) to fix this show, or simply cut the cord and cancel it. This show was too good for too long (1963-2000) to continue on life support the way it's been since about 2003.

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Beverlee McKinsey to rise from the grave and play Helena Cassadine on GH!!!1

DAYS builds a real-life mockup Salem on NBC's backlot like EastEnders and Corrie have done! Salem Place comes back! Maggie's Spa is blown up by a returning Quinn Hudson during May Sweeps in a mega-budget stunt that kills Daniel Jonas by a flying tanning bed!!

I mean, this thread...bless you, but it's such a fantasy!

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For all soaps to go back to the basics--telling endearing stories with the entire canvas. Not just a select few. Not just the youthful characters. Generational stories is what made soaps popular.

Y&R wishes:

-Sharon gets a man that isn't a Newman

-Dru/VR return

-Cane/Lily/Kevin/Michael exit stage left. These four are the deadweight IMO

-The Brooks/Foster/Prentiss clan returns

-That it's revealed that Sharon didn't tamper with the DNA results. She blacked out like she used too and assumed she did

-Business/boardroom stories come back to the forefront with Fenmores involved too


-Hope ends up with Wyatt and has a successful marriage

-Brad actually gives us well-paced A, B, & C stories, which hit all the beats

-Steffy, Thomas, & Dayzee return. Thayzee is reunited and Marcus is brutally murdered offscreen. Steffy, meanwhile, fights with Alli over Liam with Oliver somewhere in the mix

-Hope gets a stalker. God knows this show needs a suspense story.

-That Sally passes away and Thorne, tired of being third wheel to Rick and Ridge, revives Spectra with help from a returning Felicia, Kristen (now Maura West), Zende, Amber, & Whip.

-Forrester v. Spectra reignited

-People actually go to freaking work/business stories

-Taylor (recast with Noelle Beck) returns only to be tortured by Alli

-Quinn marries Eric and becomes a terror to the Forrester kids

-Bridget & Mark (Clark & Margo's son) return and clash at the hospital, only to form true feelings. However, Deacon returns, wreaking havoc.

-RJ is SORASED and is gay. Brooke disapproves of this and this creates tension between Brooke and Ridge.


-Jack and Steve return

-The Alamains (Viv, Nicky, Carly, & a very alive Lawrence) return

-Nicky & Abby have a romance, which Jack and Jennifer disapprove of

-Daniel is murdered by Lawrence

-Phillip/Mimi/Shawn/Belle return. Phillip and Mimi look for their baby and fall in love in the process

-Lucas gets a suitable love interest (still wish it was Daphne Duplaix)

-Countess Wilimena v. Mad World (Kate v. Sami)

-Abe finds love & Roman (Wayne Northrop) & Marlena regain feelings for each other


-Sean Kanan and Maura West depart (for roles on BB)

-Kaka and Michael leave

-Sarah Webber & Sly Eckert return. Liz falls for Sly while Sarah sets her sights on Nik

-Franco & Heather leave

-Serena Baldwin comes home for Morgan

-Georgie, Coop, and Logan's deaths are undone

-Felix and Sabrina go bye bye

-Tommy Hardy, a young hot shot surgeon, clashes with Patrick

-Luke dies and Tracy & Laura find new love

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General Hospital: Keep doing what you're doing. 2013 was some of the best stuff I have seen in Port Charles since 1995.

Young and the Restless: Steven Burton, himself will realize how overexposed Dullan is and asks to use the emergency exit clause in his contract (am only praying he has one) and finally do that move to the Appalachian mountains with his family and we never hear from him again.

Also: Kelly is not written into a psychotic corner and can interact with all the shows major characters one way or another; Beth Maitland and Tricia Cast come back on contract and get fantastic front-burner story lines now that there will be no more Dullan (if my wish came true!) and Adam.

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