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AMC: Thursday, May 16, 2013 Discussion Thread

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Mmmmm... I like 'em thick! :wub:

But seriously, Dixie's had several careers. She was a student teacher under Michael Delaney back in 1996 before she left. Then when she came back she was David's secretary which is what facilitated their affair. Then she died the first time. When she came back, she was running around town as a fugitive because Tad framed her and Zach for murdering Madden. Then she died. So, maybe within the last five years, she went into physical therapy?

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Liked Thursday's episode a lot! Rebecca Taylor, who I have said before now seems to be one of the best scriptwriters on the AMC staff, delivered another quality episode.

Like the twist with JR hearing everything Cara said about not having had a miscarriage and abortion, and I agree that suggests he may be faking all his amnesia. I hope he is still genuinely remorseful and wanting to take responsibility though.

Having not seen Billy Clyde before, I'm not as excited as others, but I do like nods to history. I'm concerned about what seems like may be a muddled message though -- seems like Billy Clyde will be a "less bad", "colorful" pimp compared to the Russians, and I'm not sure if that lessens the realism and impact of the story in terms of understanding what people forced into sex work go through.

I do think they meant counselor/psychologist in regards to Dixie being a therapist.

I liked Bianca's complicated talk with David about Marissa as well as her wanting to keep Miranda away from JR and Miranda resisting.

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Just watched this a few hours ago.

JR knowing all about Cara's secrets was a little ridiculous to me, but does put him in the middle of the story with David, which is probably a good idea. I thought Ryan Bittle was much better in this episode and seemed to have a grip on the character.

Still don't care about Pete or Celia (the limo scenes outside were the first to give me Peapack vibes), and skipped the Cassandra scenes.

Wonderful, wonderful work by Debbi Morgan in some of those last scenes.

I liked the very complex Bianca/David scenes and the angst and mixed feelings of the Bianca/Miranda scene too. This is great soap.

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