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AMC: Thursday, May 16, 2013 Discussion Thread

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Great work by Eden as Bianca finding out about JR being awake. I like the further conflict that causes between her & Miranda. Bianca forbidding Miranda from being around JR and Miranda refusing because AJ's her BFF and she has to be there for him is perfection!

I cringed hard when JLP/Celia said "I hate him!" rolleyes.gif

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Celia's been on what 2 dates with Petey and she's already convinced she is falling in love? The actress wasnt doing a good job in those scenes with Ev. She needs to cool it with the heavy breathing

That guy they had with Cassandra was gross. Steroids, much?

Brooke said that JR had a therapist in his family. Who was she referring to? Dixie?

The David and Bianca scene was so good.

How conveneint JR cant "remember" what happened around the time of the shooting, but he can recall stuff that was said when he was in a coma

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