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Sami's life takes another dramatic turn.

John fears he is making progress with Marlena.

Jack finds it harder to keep his secret from his family.

Mimi and Shawn begin to realize that their feelings for each toher are genuine.

On Thursday, October 6, Alex saves Marlena's life when an errant cyclist almost mows her down.

Casting News

Christie Clark (Carrie Brady): Clark is coming to salem next month, She will tape on October 31 or November 1

Jeanette O'Connor (Glorianne) The salon owner and beautician will first appear on Octobr 5 in scenes with Marlena (Deidre Hall),


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glad to see Carrie back.hopefully Reilly wont ruin her character as well.

on the other hand,why do they keep brining people in when they can barely handel the cast they have now? they keep adding people and other people's stories take a back turn(Abe/lexie/tek - if you can even call this a story,and Jack/Jenn/Frankie) :rolleyes:

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