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Y&R: Rank the post-Bill Bell head writers

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How would you rank Alden, Smith, LML, Griffith and MAB?

1. Jack Smith. He was the only HW thus far who succeeded in modernizing the show while keeping its identity intact.

2. Kay Alden. When she took over from Bill Bell the change was barely noticeable (save for a few clunkers like SpermGate). She was essentially Bill 2.0.

3. Josh Griffith (2007-2008). He clearly understood the show and did a great job of cleaning up after Cyclone Latham. The ratings increased in his first week also.

4. Lynn Marie Latham. She started out strong, collaborating with Alden and Smith, then she got complete autonomy and everything went to hell.

5. Maria Arena Bell. I wouldn't know where to start. Or how to stop.

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1. Kay Alden - I loved so much of what she did, the pacing was fabulous, the stories felt very soapy and very Y&R as well.

2. Jack Smith - He modernized the show, but took more risks than Kay and had a very balanced canvas. I liked how he was the last HW to have different social classes in Genoa City. Now everybody knows each other and is forced to like or deal with each other. When he was writing Kevin they helped us understand how Kevin became how he was, but the people who SHOULD hate him were allowed that. Phyllis was an ousider and so was Michael. This way you could enjoy those characters without everybody else being dumbed down in order to make it work.

3. LML - I thought she should've been Y&R's savior. They should've never made her Executive Producer and she should've been forced to keep Kay Alden or Jack Smith (or both) as Co-HW. LML did a great job in those early months of revamping the show, but she simply didn't know it well enough to have such total control. It's a shame because I thought she did an excellent job with the minority characters and the dialogue was great. This is a great talent that was wasted and misused.

4. MAB - She had her ups and downs, but there were periods of a month or two here and there that were very good. I mostly love her for all the returns like Marge, Christine, Nina, Liz, Dina Abbott, etc. It didn't work out, but I appreciate some of her tenure.

5. Josh Griffin/MAB - The show was boring as hell when they were writing together. It wasn't bad, but nothing special. I rank MAB higher because at least I can rememebr some stuff she did.

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I definitely rank Kay Alden and Jack Smith at the top 2 since, Alden was obviously second only to Bill as was Smith, but I rank Smith 2nd only cause people most blame him for the show becoming the way it currently is with all the retcons and what not. I however think he was the last HW that attempted to stay true with the classic Bell story-telling.

I rank Griffin 3rd, because I honestly don't know much about his writing but I know he is obviously a better story-teller than LML/MAB. This time I know they will let him truly shine.

4th and 5th go to LML/MAB for obvious reason.

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Jack Smith - He modernized the show, but took more risks than Kay and had a very balanced canvas.

His canvas wasn't balanced at all.

In fact it was under him that almost all Y&R's supporting characters were eliminated & replaced with Baldwin Fishers & the mob..

but the people who SHOULD hate him were allowed that. Phyllis was an ousider and so was Michael.

Except that's not true.

The people who had every right to hate Kevin were treated HORRIBLY while St. Giggly & MIchael were constantly propped,

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Same here.

MAB has been a horrid mess, and with that Sarah Smythe/Sheila's sister/Lauren's face/Lauren and Jana trapped in the fairground being tortured by Daisy SL, MAB wrote arguably Y&R's worst plot ever (Brad and later Colleen drowning in THE LAKE is a close second). However, IMO, MAB has redeemed herself slightly with this latest umbrella story about Phyllis's crimes slowly coming to light.

LML was such a bore and wrote the whole show OOC. It didn't feel or look like Y&R at all, it felt like an incredibly boring, episodic show where the writers have been banned from writing continuous SLs. And if you think the Phyllis propping is bad now, it was egregious under LML's watch.

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1998 was the last full year I enjoyed Y&R. It was a superb year. As soon as the sperm stealing and Billy/Mac stuff started I never looked back.

Word. I enjoyed LML when she was co-HW with Alden and Smith and liked MAB during the Katherine/Marge story. And that's about it.

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