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Y&R to become Hollywood Heights for the daytime

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Claire Labine while a good writer could be too PSA alot. I enjoyed 90s Y&R much more than 90s GH which could be boring. Stories were heartfelt and sad but I do not watch soaps for PSAs and one heartache after another gets kind of tiring. They were all well written but I like the excitement too. Those characters that are bad but get called out for their bad behavior and no one tries to reform them. Y&R has so many strong characters back then and the women were watered down like they are now. Y&R needs some heart back into it but I wouldn't want every week to be a tragedy.

JFP could use a Claire Labine if she's insistent on telling more stories centered around teens. Robin and Stone was one of the last great storylines that happened to be about teens which transcended age/demos. I don't think anyone minds seeing stories about Young people, it's just the utter lack of quality of these storylines in most cases, and the fact that it isn't necessary to scrap vets and/or give them crap storylines just to make room for more crap newbies and their crap storylines.

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