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National Pride Month feature: Gay and Lesbian musical artists


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That is my favorite Lesley Gore song. It doesn't sound as good on Youtube as it does if you hear it on the radio, but it's still great.

For all the talk of "You Don't Own Me" (not a fan of that song), many of Lesley's songs are very sexist, but as with Dusty, she sings them so stylishly you just don't care.

Also love this:


and for another contribution to gay cinema, there's the song she wrote with her brother, in the version of Fame that wasn't ashamed of those icky queers. I just love this song. What a mess of a movie this was, but characters like Coco and Bruno will stay with me always.


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One of the most successful British bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s was synthpop duo Erasure, consisting of Vince Clarke (a founder member of Depeche Mode), and singer Andy Bell, who's never hidden his homosexuality. Between 1986 and 1997 they had 24 consecutive top 20 hits in the UK. This song was not one of them, only reaching #85 in the UK in early 1986, but it is my favourite song by them.

In 1992 they scored their only #1 in the UK when they recorded several ABBA songs on an EP called ABBA-esque. This was one of the things which led to the renewed interest in ABBA's music during that period.

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You know what is odd, and totally unexpected about their video of the Abba cover, is that Vince makes the FAR prettier woman! I always liked Erasure, they were a big part of the last good era in music, "Love To Hate You" is one of my favorites. Last but certainly not least is whom many consider to be the greatest female singer that ever lived. Dusty:


Those close to her said that she always dressed like a drag queen because she feared being percieved as "butch". She did have a temper and like to throw things. Martha said that she used to go to a thrift store and buy old, cheap glassware so she would ahve soemthing to throw against the walls and break if she got mad.

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