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GH's Finola Hughs and Tony Geary?

This has to be days. MarDar's work has been so awful that I wanted the Olympic cliffhanger to be a dream with all the stupid retcons and unnecesary drivel erased (Maggie as Daniel's mom, EJ not a Dimera, etc...)

Bell on B&B. WAY too many rehashes of the same ish and its obvious there is no clear goal in mind especially how stories abruptly end with no resolution

Id have to imagine Y&R as rumors of the behind the scenes stuff tend to indicate a not so pleasant environment

Maurice Bernard and Michael Easton?

Considering Days and B&B are currently doing gay stories its either GH or Y&R and I think it could be GH and Morgan


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Youthful Essences: For a long stretch of time this sudser wasn't even receiving network notes; now it is, and the overarching sentiment is GO YOUNGER! This doesn't bode well for a recently-returned vet, who could soon be on his or her way out, along with the actress or actor he or she shares the majority of scenes with.

I will say the show is GH, because I think Brian Frons remained hands-off as long as JFP and Robert Guza were in charge. Furthermore, I am certain the "recently returned vet" is Finola Hughes. But the co-star? I really can't see Tony Geary being shown the door. One thing that has not changed since Frons's departure is that Geary, Maurice Benard, Steve Burton and maybe Laura Wright remain The Untouchables.

Backburnered as Punishment: This soap's showrunners could care less how popular a certain actor or actress is. The thesp-in-question is reportedly being backburnered as punishment for speaking out. Way to put the soap first, vengeful execs!

Well, we know it isn't GH, because practically everyone raves about working now for Frank Valentini. Same goes for B&B and Bradley Bell. I might suggest DAYS...except that would suggest that Ken Corday has a backbone. So I'll just say Y&R and leave the "thesp-in-question" as a question mark.

Paging Bobby Ewing: The head writer(s) of this soap—which finds itself once again amid backstage turmoil—pitched a storyline that would basically say the last year's worth of story was all a dream. Yeah, because fans loved it so much when Dallas did that!

It's definitely Gary Tomlin & Christopher Whitesell at DAYS. Frank and Ron don't appear to be slowing down in any way at GH; Bradley Bell has managed to keep B&B free from BTS turmoil for quite the while; and frankly, MAB & Co. just don't have the guts to admit the mistakes they've made with Y&R.

Making It Up Along The Way: This scribe hasn't written a long story in years. He or she makes arcs up week to week!

Bradley Bell. Moving on....

I Hate You, But I Have to Pretend I Love You: Fans wondering why their favorite couples have been separated for lengthy arcs on this soap would be shocked to know that the actors who play the characters simply cannot stand one another. Sure, there's been feuds and gripes before, but the bickering has reached the point of no return. One half of one supercouple has even begun lobbying for the return to the soap of a former screen partner, whom he or she also created soap magic with.

I think the soap we're talking about here is Y&R. Otherwise, though, I am stumped.

Jealous, Much?: This soap lead, who has driven story for the better part of a decade, is seeing green over a popular newcomer.

What's the matter, Maurice? Afraid of a little competition?

No Gay Today: A plan for this serial to attempt another gay story—to make up for the botched last try—was nixed before it ever reached the network level.

As usual, I agree with Carl. Although it faded quickly, GH's story with Lucas was far more successful than Y&R's story with Phillip, which turned out to be one of that show's biggest wastes.

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I think that the Jealous Much blind item is Steve Burton, not MB. MB is still driving story even though ME is his nemesis. It is Burton's toes that ME is stepping on. No way that Burton can be happy about this triangle developing with Sam and John or the positive response from some fans. I think Carly was the last time that Jason lost a woman to another man and that was Sonny. I predicted the clash of the egos when ME and RH joined GH. They are all accustom to being the suns in their miniscule universes.

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