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DAYS: Will & Sonny Spoiler Thread


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The latest Soap Opera Digest has an article about Will and Sonny's reunion that airs the week of February 25th.

Sonny and Will discuss Will's letter and their feelings. The two make up, decide to be 100 percent honest with one another, and make love.

Their new commitment is tested when Nick interrupts them and ends up revealing what he has on Will. Sonny comforts Will after Nick leaves.

Nick goes back to Gabi and tells her he wants his name on the birth certificate. Meanwhile, Sami shows up and is determined to make sure Gabi and Nick don't pull a fast one on her son. Nick tells Sami to back off when he see the effect she is having on Gabi. When Sami overhears Nick telling Will his daughter would be better off without him, she intervenes. And that's when a notary arrives with official papers.

For all the details, pick up the latest SOD.

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#Wilson fans, It seems that The Feb 28th 2013 episode of #DOOL was put on Itunes & someone transcripted all the #Wilson scenes. Here you go.Credits to Will & Sonny Tumbrl fan page

WilSon Transcript for 2/28/13 scenes
Here’s Thursday’s day ahead transcript. This episode was accidentally added on I-Tunes. I bought it and watched it. There are probably many grammatical errors cause its late so I apologize.

Will’s dorm room. Sonny is sitting at Will’s desk researching on the computer. Will is laying on the bed asleep, turns and asks Sonny:

W-Hey. What time is it?

*Sonny gets up and sits down on the bed*

S-Don’t be mad. I know you needed the rest. You feeling better? caressing Will’s leg

W-Well that depends did I have a crazy dream that Nick showed up.

S-No that was real. He was here and he knows you shot EJ.

W-How did I go to sleep after that?

S-I don’t know. You were wrecked from being up all night, and then being side-swiped by Nick.

W-Yeah its not what he knows. Its what he’s gonna do with it.


He’s probably just yanking your chain.

W-I don’t think so.

S-I think so. He wants your mom to back off.

W-Yeah but he isn’t gonna stop there and why would he. He wants me to give up the baby.

S-Because he’s a snake, and he lied to your face because he’s crazy.

W-Yeah but he’s smart though. That was a smart move for him. What I have to do is to figure out how to stop it, you know? Maybe legally he can’t use what he knows.

S- No I just looked that up. The statue of limitations is still running even though you were a minor. You can still be prosecuted, so you need to get a good lawyer now.


W- What good is a lawyer gonna do.

S-Not just any lawyer. Let me call my dad. He’ll know exactly what to do.

W- No let’s not, please. We might not even need him.

S-Just to be sure. I don’t understand why you’re fighting me on this.

W-I..I.I’m so grateful for your help Sonny, but I’m not ready to tell your dad that I shot somebody okay. What is he gonna think?

S-He hears that everyday.

W-From his son’s boyfriends, Really?

S-Look he loves you because I love you, and he’s gonna work twice as hard.

S-There is something else we could do first. What about Gabi?

W-What about her?

S-She’s your friend. Is she just gonna let Nick sell you out to the cops? Just talk to her.

W-No, Nick’s not even gonna tell her. If I go to Gabi and tell her about this whole thing then she’s gonna go to Nick.

*Knock on the door is Lucas*


W-Oh hey dad.

L-Uh Sonny, listen, something came up. Can you give us a minute really quick?

W-What? What?

L-Its big Will, alright.

L-Sonny. Go. Now.


W-Hey dad, Sonny’s not gonna go anywhere.

L-Alright, alright. I’m sorry. That came out wrong, but something urgent came up and we need to talk.

W-Is it about Nick because if it is then he knows everything already.

L-He knows right now. Why would you tell him that?

W- I didn’t. He came over and Sonny happend to be here.

L-What the hell did he say?

W-He said he knows I shot EJ. Apparently he knows everything and it looks like he’s gonna use it.

L-Tell me exactly what Nick said. Exactly.


W-Okay first he just mom to stay away from Gabi. Then he wanted me to give up my parental rights, so he could have the freedom to go with Gabi anywhere or move out of Salam.

L-Well what exactly does he know? Well what does he think he knows?

W-He knows that I shot EJ. He knows that there is evidence in the cabin that the police have, and he knows that I told T.

L-That’s how he found out, you think.

W-No, No way. T didn’t say anything. I’m guessing that he just heard us.

L-He heard us how? What, he had surveillance on us or something? He bugged my office?

W-I don’t know, but there was just to much of what we talked about.

L-Alright, alright if he recorded us then he can’t use that in court so we’re good.

W- Not in even civil court though? Not in family custody court?

L-Wait a minute that is his endgame isn’t it? He wants you to give up the baby.

W-Well yeah. He wants to be the only father that my…my daughter ever knows.


L-Wait a minute. He actually said he wants you to give up custody.


L-Don’t you think that’s always been his plan.

W-I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think because he was working with him. He was fine with me being at the sonogram, and feeling my baby kick, and we were gonna raise the baby together

L-What the hell happened? What changed everything?

W-Do you really have to ask? Mom.


W-All this behavior started with a paternity test which I wouldn’t of even ask for if mom hadn’t pushed me to have it done in the first place.

L-So that is really the timing of this?

W-Yeah cause then mom got into Gabi’s face and sent her to the hospital and she almost lost the baby.

L-Right but she didn’t mean to Will.

W-I know she didn’t but she didn’t listen to anybody. That’s the problem. At the hospital, they told her to go home. She said she was gonna go home, snuck into Gabi’s room, freaked her out, and sent her into early labor.

L-I know. I know. I thought she was gonna apologize.

W-Well she only made it worse. If you’re nick and you see that wouldn’t you try and shut that down? Wouldn’t you try anything in your power to shut that down.?

S-No, we are not gonna say anything good about Nick at the moment. He is trying to cut you out of your baby’s life and send you to prison. Your giving him the benefit of the doubt.

L-Listen to your boyfriend.

W-All I’m saying is that I’ve been to the breaking point so many times with mom. So have you. So if anyone should understand, its us.

L-I know that and I get that alright. She promised she was gonna stay out of it. She’s not gonna get involved anymore.

W-Yeah if you were Nick would you believe that.


*Will and Sonny sit on Will’s bed*

W-Unfortunately there is nowhere for me to go.

L-What are you saying? You’re just gonna give in? Your gonna give Nick what he wants, really?

W-I..dad you have been there for me so much everytime we’ve been through this. Not this time either. Hell you went to prison for me.

L-You know what I don’t need your gratitude. Your my son.

W-I know, just let me finish though. What I”m saying, I should of owned up to what I did. I should of and I did not. So the price I have to pay is this. I gonna have to give up my own daughter.
#wilson #willxsonny #transcripts

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