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Y&R: Some Nick/Phyllis spoilers!

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Phyllis gives Nick a hotel key;

Nick is uncomfortable when Jack discusses Phyllis;

Nick tries to return the key to Phyllis;

Nick is angry to learn that Nikki and Phyllis will have an office at Newman Enterprises;

Victoria notices Nick's hotel key.

I'm really loving this Nick and Phyllis stuff! I'm loving how more and more Phyllis is becoming attracted to Nick, that just makes the end result even better. I just know that this storyline can only get better and better! :D

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This gets better by the minuate. I love it. I love how how Nick and Phyllis are together. They laugh and smile and Nick is such a Thud with Phyllis. I love this Phyllis I am going for mine, a man who makes me smile and feel passion is what I want and I am going to get mine when I can. I love it.

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