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AMC: Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Jane needs to bat the hell out of Greenlee.

The ONLY thing I would have wanted them to do better with Minks is show just a little bit more of Marissa's end. I know you haters are gonna come out like cockroaches, but I know how to point out things I dislike about stories I like. All I would have needed was a dialogue-less scene of Marissa just thinking about everything that's going on, a scene where it's obvious by the end that she's willing to see where this thing can go. I didn't like her random declaration of love.

But then again, I missed the first half of yesterday's show, so maybe seeing that would make things a bit better for me.

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    • Someone send him to a nursing home already. Victor is a big bore.
    • I was about to post this. Classic ATWT at its best!
    • Eric Braeden had a malignant tumor removed from his bladder  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid...mibextid=Nif5oz "Some of you may remember, I had a left knee replacement about 3 months ago and then developed some prostate/ bladder issues, as is not uncommon for men my age (49

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      )! Just a few days ago I had an excellent surgeon go in and take out a malignant tumor from my bladder! So, have been a little under the weather, but back in the saddle soon…with a vengeance! Eff all that age stuff!! I’m a defiant bastard! Thank you all for your loyalty to our show! 50 years, what an accomplishment for everyone involved, especially the writers! Onward and upward!!!"
    • I do think that Victor could very well exit in the summer.  I love CS but Victor needs a rest That was a great Interview Those pics are well done I also think that Sprina play a big part alongside Laura in the Story that starts after the 60th that comes from an old GH adventure of the 80's (Guessing Ice Princess again, but hopefully done better than in 2013)
    • So now this is a guys kissing thread? Okie dokie!!  

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