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June 20-24, 2011


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Ratings for the week June 20-24, 2011

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 4,762,000 (+51,000/-214,000)

2. B&B 3,010,000 (+286,000/-20,000)

3. OLTL 2,737,000 (+237,000/+471,000)

4. GH 2,518,000 (+167,000/+89,000)

5. AMC 2,402,000 (+82,000/-73,000)

6. DAYS 2,305,000 (-47,000/-255,000)


1. Y&R 3.4/10 (same/-.1)

2. B&B 2.1/6 (+.1/-.1)

3. OLTL 1.9/6 (+.1/+.2)

3. GH 1.9/5 (+.1/+.1)

5. DAYS 1.7/5 (-.1/-.2) <---- ties low

5. AMC 1.7/5 (same/-.1) <---- ties low (4th straight week)

Women 18-49 Viewers

1. Y&R 953,000 (-24,000/-117,000)

2. GH 699,000 (+48,000/-115,000)

3. OLTL 659,000 (+10,000/+4,000)

4. B&B 596,000 (+61,000/+12,000)

5. DAYS 579,000 (-114,000/-85,000) *

6. AMC 462,000 (-42,000/-97,000) **

* Previous low: 595,000 (June 6-10, 2011)

** Previous low: 463,000 (March 7-11, 2011)

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.4/9 (-.1/-.2)

2. GH 1.1/6 (+.1/-.1)

3. OLTL 1.0/6 (same/same)

4. DAYS 0.9/6 (-.2/-.1) <---- ties low

4. B&B 0.9/6 (+.1/same)

6. AMC 0.7/4 (-.1/-.1) <---- ties low

Girls 12-17 Viewers

1. Y&R 56,000 (+3,000/+10,000)

2. OLTL 42,000 (+12,000/+9,000)

3. GH 39,000 (+12,000/+2,000)

4. DAYS 35,000 (+16,000/-13,000)

5. AMC 30,000 (+14,000/-5,000)

5. B&B 30,000 (-4,000/+10,000)

Women 18-34 Rating

1. Y&R 0.8/5 (same/same)

2. OLTL 0.7/4 (+.1/same)

3. GH 0.6/4 (+.1/-.3)

4. DAYS 0.5/3 (-.1/-.4)

4. B&B 0.5/3 (+.1/+.1)

6. AMC 0.4/3 (-.1/-.2)

Men 18+ Viewers

1. Y&R 1,070,000 (+41,000/-2,000)

2. B&B 656,000 (+115,000/+5,000)

3. DAYS 550,000 (+61,000/+61,000)

4. OLTL 492,000 (+68,000/+126,000)

5. AMC 451,000 (+58,000/-45,000)

6. GH 416,000 (+34,000/-8,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers


Monday: 1.8/2,446,000

Tuesday: 1.8/2,541,000

Wednesday: 1.8/2,450,000

Thursday: 1.8/2,380,000

Friday: 1.6/2,191,000


Monday: 2.2/2,931,000

Tuesday: 2.2/3,055,000

Wednesday: 2.2/3,036,000

Thursday: 2.2/3,222,000

Friday: 2.0/2,805,000


Monday: 1.8/2,485,000

Tuesday: 1.6/2,214,000

Wednesday: 1.7/2,305,000

Thursday: 1.7/2,519,000

Friday: 1.6/1,999,000


Monday: 1.9/2,574,000

Tuesday: 2.0/2,741,000

Wednesday: 1.9/2,530,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,548,000

Friday: 1.7/2,200,000


Monday: 2.0/2,704,000

Tuesday: 2.0/2,769,000

Wednesday: 2.0/2,865,000

Thursday: 1.9/2,679,000

Friday: 1.8/2,669,000


Monday: 3.5/4,741,000

Tuesday: 3.3/4,688,000

Wednesday: 3.5/5,003,000

Thursday: 3.4/4,783,000

Friday: 3.3/4,596,000


For the SEASON September 20, 2010 through June 26, 2011


1. Y&R 3.6

2. B&B 2.2

3. GH 2.1

4. DAYS 2.0

5. OLTL 1.9

5. AMC 1.9

Women 18-49 Rating

1. Y&R 1.6

2. GH 1.4

3. DAYS 1.2

4. OLTL 1.1

5. B&B 0.9

5. AMC 0.9

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Yeah, I wonder if OLTL was canceled too soon. The ratings look mighty healthy in Total Viewers.

AMC is still a hot mess. 6. AMC 0.7/4 (-.1/-.1) <---- ties low ....OUch is right

Sonny's first day was the highest Total Viewers for Days...hmmmmmmm......2,519,000 Too many 1.6s for Days. But I am not surprised..I was bored the whole week except for Sonny.

GH numbers are just as dreadful too even though they went up in HH.

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OLTL's numbers were so horrible last year that they can get 2,500,000 on a particular week this year and be up 400,000. That said, OLTL is consistently doing a lot better than last year when other soaps are struggling and has been the #1 soap on ABC in total viewers for a while now and that is a feat but unless they can maintain the numbers they had this week and start beating GH in 18-49 consistently it doesn't matter.

I'm glad AMC went up in total viewers but yeah that 18-49 number is horrific, not that it matters anymore.

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OLTL has been on-par with GH in 18-49 for a couple months now. I think they beat them out-right once or twice, and have been very close most other times (The 40,000 difference between them in that demo this past week is pretty insignificant).

That said, it's a moot point. ABC won't un-cancel OLTL even if it starts beating GH by 0.2 in the key demo. They'll just cancel GH, as well, lol.

I'll say this, though...looking at the ratings, it seems OLTL is up a lot over last year, or not down at all in every category, while GH is either up a little in some categories, or down a lot (as in women 18-34). With a terrible lead-in, OLTL is doing all of this on its own, and I believe OLTL's ratings are keeping GH afloat. They're giving GH a great lead-in, something GH won't have when OLTL goes.

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LOL, I when I saw the ratings I was SO going to post a sarcastic comment about Sonny's debut being the highest day in total viewers and when the conversation wasn't followed up on Friday, look how many tuned out. :lol:

I continue to be impressed by OLTL's numbers, ABC so shouldn't of canceled this show.

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Even thought OLTL was ATWT main competition...I'd still give OLTL another chance. Which means uncancel it, But I dont think that will happen.

I think their ratings increase had to do with Gigi death....everyone was celebrating and watching.....lol :lol:

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Wednesday: 2.0/2,865,000

OLTL being canceled with those kind of growing numbers is just a shame. I believe on Friday it grew like 500,000 extra viewers off of AMC. That's insane this soap is becoming its own machine with its own audience and I don't know if the people who are watching really care if ABC hates it or not.

One thing that I can also say is that ABC Daytime may not see these numbers this high for any of their programming after January.

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B&B seems to have had its best week in the ratings in months and I guess that same storyline carousel that they have between Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke still holds people interests.

The only disappointment was DAYS which has been an excellent soap lately. I can't wait to see how the reboot on the 26th of September effects the show in a positive way hopefully.

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Yeah, those daily numbers a stunning, especially Wednesday's and Friday's numbers.

Monday: 258,000 more than AMC, 130,000 more than GH

Tuesday: 228,00 more than AMC, 28,000 more than GH

Wednesday: 415,000 more than AMC, 335,000 more than GH

Thursday: 299,000 more than AMC, 131,000 more than GH

Friday: 478,000 more than AMC, 469,000 more than GH


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    • Linda Thorson (ex-OLTL, Emmerdale).   
    • The Portugal Tourism Board must have a deal with Bravo. How many trips there have these franchises done there? I feel like I’ve seen more than just Potomac and ATL. Kandi is turning UP. I love it. She’s bringing what she allegedly brought to Tamar.
    • wait, really? That's a pretty huge get (imo)! I thought she was pretty set w/ all those GAC movies. I always loved her/thought she was a very charismatic and great actress that managed to be sympathetic even when she was being the worst (lol) and it was such a boneheaded move that GH never locked her down before DAYS scooped her up. I personally thought it was a big loss for the show when she left. My interest is def. piqued. 
    • If that the case then I dont think Kim would help bc she was so divisive the last time. No one liked her but Sheree and she caused more division than anything. Everyone tag teaming her at that reunion was epic though        
    • OK, RHOA looks really GOOD. Everyone looks gorgeous, and they packed a lot of juice into 3 FULL MINUTES of trailer!  I have thoughts (Marlo still Fake AF, Kenya still Grumpy AF) but overall the show seems to be generating a momentum we haven't seen in a while. It seems determined to give us juicy stuff this year -- hence the renewed focus on Drew (which maybe why the trailer was delayed, so that Bravo could splice in the Drew Divorce Drama).     Kim is back because Bravo is not confident that the main cast has fully gelled TBH. So they're throwing Penniless Kim in there, they're throwing Cynthia in there, they'd throw Porsha in there if they could.
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