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Who do you think will be the next to beat Erica Kane's marriage record?

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You are incorrect. Asa was married 14 times. His original marriage to Pamela was invalid as he did it under the guise of Jeb Stuart, but he DID marry her as Asa Buchanan when she came to Llanview. They were LEGALLY married on the show for just about a year

As for Adam, I know how many times he's been married. We were talking about ceremonies in the post you quoted, which I mentioned. He's had at least 15 of them as he's had his own weddings which didnt go through as well as renewal of vows. Annie and Krystal are examples of those. 13 marriages with at least 15 ceremonies with him as groom

Oh and he was never married to Aretha...LOL :lol: He was however with an Althea

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