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Really? I thought Scott was fantastic on GH and OLTL. He's only lackluster on B&B. I think it's in part to the horrible character he was given.

I wouldn't be upset if Colleen won, though. She's a great actress. And Debbi can still submit next year.

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Eh those people at DC thinks everything GH walks on water. Laura Wright? Even saying Bree Williamson is good? Oy

Anyway, Zenk has to be the frontrunner. Her reel was the most complete of all the actors in all categories. But Stafford could sneak in. Laura Wright just NO.

Michael PArk is another one. His reel was superior but very understated. I wonder if the voters even get the subtleties in some of the acting

Zenk and Park do in their submissions if people are honestly blown away by Laura Wright and Maurice Bernard? You have to be kidding me. James Scott

had one of those same reels but he holds his performance back for a change which actually makes the scenes more powerful. He tends to chew a lot of

scenery. Not here.

Not a JJ fan but its his to lose. I still liked Davidsons submission more

Tricia Cast no contest and i love her.

I think Clifton is a good actor, and has improved over time. He does a great job with what he is given on BB

I really want Emily O'Brien to win but she likely won't

And do these awards matter anymore? Nope.

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I did and I was not one of the complainers about the writing on ATWT in its final year. In fact, I thought the show was excellent from mid-2009 until the end. I was one of their few cheerleaders in those last years but I've only been a fan since 2000 (watched here & there in the mid to late 90s) so that could explain why I saw it that way.

Somewhere along the way though, ATWT became my show. I thought it easily was the best overall soap in 2010 and was flabbergasted that they didn't receive a much deserved Outstanding Drama Series nomination. I miss the hell out of it.

ITA with all of this! Park's reel was extremely subtle- I loved it but I'm not sure the Emmy voters will appreciate the acting he does in it. I predict that James Scott will take it- he was marvelous. Benard's reel wasn't bad, but it was uneven and he's clearly flubbing his lines in the scenes with Steve Burton.

I love her too but I wouldn't say it's no contest. In fact, of all the categories I judged (Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress), the Supporting Actress is easily the most competitive. Any of the nominees (save Williamson) could take it and I wouldn't be shocked. Julie Pinson's reel was AMAZING and I think she's neck and neck with Cast. Heather Tom and Nancy Lee Grahn were both excellent in their submissions as well. Even Melissa Claire Egan, who's reel wasn't quite as strong as those 4 ladies, had a fantastic tape with a fair amount of range shown. This one is actually almost too close to call.

I agree with you. I never cared for him on GH or OLTL but I really like him on B&B and I hear he submitted a dynamite reel. It just might be his year.

Had they submitted right, it would be either Debbi's or Flannery's to lose. But they didn't. Once again, Debbi's reel was only 6 minutes long. Yes, she was great in it, but it didn't have much range, any impact, or tell a complete story. It was not a winning tape.

It's Colleen's to lose for certain.

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I don't think ATWT fans complained any more than any other show's fans. ATWT was better than Y&R is now, that's for damned sure.

And I thought the last episode was wonderful. It was sentimental without being sappy or maudlin.

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    • Admittedly, I have never seen the Sleepy Hollow television series, though I am a fan of Nicole Beharie (if that Doris Payne biopic ever comes to fruition, Beharie is the only actress that truly makes sense for the role, no offense to Tessa Thompson). From the little that I have read about the BTS machinations, it sounds like the word toxic is an understatement as a descriptor of the environment.
    • So, this is totally just supposition based on reading Zimmer's memoir and Pam Long interviews.  It seems like Long felt some ownership over the character of Reva, which eventually caused some friction between the two women.  Zimmer writes of a lunch with Long and a CBS executive that devolved into a screaming match, resulting in the executive wanting to hide under the table.  And in her exit interview with SOD, Long talked about scuttled plans to bring back Reva in a dream for Christmas.  Thus, what I would imagine occurred is that Zimmer wanted to leave, but Long held out hope for her to return.  The resolution was an exit that needed to be semi-permanent enough to please both women. 
    • Does this mean Us Weekly won't be able to do any more cover stories hinting that she's pregnant? 
    • I remember people making jokes of "Pam's dream" on late night shows. Also Newhart did the "It was all a dream" joke for it's series finale as a jab at Dallas. Victoria also expressed in interviews that she wanted to leave the show after season 5 because of the decline in writing. The dream season really drove home her point on that.   Victoria's relationship with the cast was kind of "She felt like an outsider". When the cast discusses her they walk on eggshells when she is brought up. She rarely participates in interviews with the rest of the cast. At times Patrick will praise her and other times he will subtly throw shade at her. John Beck (who played Mark) said in an interview that he preferred working with Linda Gray than Victoria.  There have been rumors of Victoria being a difficult or to herself behind the scenes. She was the closest to Jim Davis till his death. 
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