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Agnes and Lorraine

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June 28th

20 more days and we are done with K&S for good

Thank God! I fell in love with ALL MY CHILDREN back in the day when Palmer and Opal schemed to break up Tad and Dixie and watched the show off and on along with my first love ONE LIFE TO LIVE up until Bianca's revealled she was a lesbian. I took up soap watching full time with ONE LIFE TO LIVE when Andrea Evans came back in 2008 and was worried given the buzz that ONE LIFE would get cancelled. As a back up, I started watching ALL MY CHILDREN a year ago when Julia Barr came back as Brooke. I was so into the Lorraine Broderick written stories and though it was no force of exciting drama as it was when I started watching back in '89, or even before that, I actually enjoyed the show. Then Donna Swajeski (who I thought was a bad writer who never delivered back to when she wrote ANOTHER WORLD) and this other writer took over and the show was dull and about all these overrated characters like Ryan, Kendall, Greenlee and Zach. I would like to watch CHILDREN at it's best before the photo album may close for good. For me it will be the end of a soap viewing legacy that was rich and beautiful thanks to Agnes Nixon.


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