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OLTL - The MANY Hairstyles of Blair Cramer

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OLTL's Blair has been around for 20 years and in that time, she's had lots of many different haircuts and styles. Here's a look back at some of her many changes.


1. Raven Asian

Back when Blair debuted in 1991, her hair was dark raven like the other Cramer women (Dorian and Cassie). Oh and she was Asian! She would stay this way for a year and a half till....


2. Southern Blonde Bell

...she came back to town having gone blonde and country in what would be daytime's most drastic recast ever. (She still holds the record!)


3. Marty Who?

After Todd seemingly died after runing off to help Marty, Blair went mad and cut her hair so that she would look like less like her rival.


4. Goldilocks

Blair decided to grow her hair out, closer to how it was when she first came back to town, but this time with bangs and a lighter blonder look.


5. Breakfast is Served

After flushing Skye's hair in a toilet, Skye repaid Blair by drugging her, chopping her hair off and then serving it to her for breakfast....literally!


6. Short and Feathered

As she started to grow her hair out, Blair opted for a more feathered look.


7. The Short Farrah

When Blair went down to Mexico to give birth to Jack, she went for this 70s inspired hairdo. Very Farrah of her


8. Dead Baby Hair

This is the hairstyle that Blair had circa the the dead baby lie storyline


9. Blair Hair

I had no idea what to call this one, but hey it rhymes! Very cute look on her.


10. Fierce and Indepdent

Having dumped Todd (again), Blair gained a whole new fierce atttitude and a hairstyle to match


11. Fierce and Parted

Like the previous hairstyle, just parted down the front of her hair.


12. The Spencer years

When Blair was with Spencer, hair was kinda bland and boring, kinda like their relationship


13. Big and Wavy

When she was with John, Blair decided to go for a style wavy and bigger than before. She kept this look for a while; that is until she cut it again.


14. Current Blair

This is how Blair currently looks. Will she look like this when the show goes off the air in January, or will she have changed her look yet again? Chances are on the latter.

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I had NO idea the cut was storyline-dictated. Did they write it in because Kassie wanted to cut it short or did she cut it short for the story? The latter seems less likely, haha.

I think everyone can agree Kassie looks better with shorter hair.

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Not sure. I always assumed she wanted her hair cut, so the writers found a way to work it into the story.

IA, I prefer her with shorter hair. For most actresses, I prefer long hair, but for her, she definetly looks better with it short

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What's with all these Hairstyling threads.....lol

You know the soaps are in the toilet when we see two threads like this....lol

How about just one Hairstyling thread..combine everything into one thread.

Dont mean to burst your bubble Cheap....youre one of my favorite posters.

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This is great. I love KDP and think she has great hair most of the time. I loved when she had it really long in the 90s. Hated the super short hair (#5). Really loved #6, and I thought she was cute with the dark hair too. I love her with short hair but not too short. I don't like #12, that was such a boring look. I adore her current style, it looks really great. KDP is gorgeous.

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Cheap, do you do hair IRL?

I don't mind these threads, it's not like there's a rack of other [[email protected]#$%^&*] to talk about these days. :lol: Just know that, "Why is this its own thread? :unsure: " is off limits to you now. :P

I liked her row 5 short hair. Sometimes her hair looks really generic if you know what I mean. She would look good with a sexy choppy razor asymmetrical cut.

Didn't she dramatically chop off her hair once another time in the Patrick era?

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Interesting idea. My main focus was AMC and OLTL bc of the cancellations, but GH's is coming eventually, so why not? LOL. I was planning on going back to AMC next. Either Greenlee or Angie. Who do you guys think I should do? Elizabeth will come at a future date

No I dont...lol

I also find her to be very generic with the long hair. Like AlexElizabeth mentioned, it tends to be boring

I think you mean this as far as Patrick. It came around the Marty who? phase. I guess I could have put it as its own but couldnt find anything else of it.


Here's another I missed, of when she was with Walker/Todd. This was circa 2003/204ish. Kinda like 10, but longer with a flip



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