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AMC - Dixie's MANY Hairstyles

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If there's one thing that Dixie Cooney Chandler Martin Lawson Bodine Martin Martin is known for, its never sticking with one hairstyle for too long as she's forever changing it up. Here's a look back at some of her various looks over the last 23 years


1. Classic Dixie

When Cady first joined, Dixie's classic look consisted of her signature long strawberry blonde locks. This is how she looked when her romance with Tad began


2. Haircut #1

When Tad died, Dixie had her first of what would soon become many haircuts. This one actually looks good....


3. Pixie Dixie!

I guess she felt she didnt take enough hair off as she went and chopped it all off! She also started experimenting with different hair colors.


4. The Soccer Mom

Not sure what she was going for here. She started to grow it back out after that last disaster


5. Bob Cut

As she continued to grow her hair, she styled it more like a bob cut


6. Brian

When she got with Brian Bodine, her hair was medium length, first blonde and then red with bangs. Notice she's sporting Kelsey Jefferson's signature look in the second pic.


7. Christmas 1994

She wanted to see what it was like to have big hair one last time before...


8. Short and Brown

She decided to cut it off yet again, this time adopting a much darker color


9. What the hell?



10. Curly Dixie

Dixie left for 2 years and came back sporting stylish curls which looked really cute on her


11. Poodle in Heat

But she kept them too long and they eventually grew a life of their own. This nickname was dubbed by Erica when Dixie started sniffing around David


12. Banging

Not exactly sure where this goes but I like it. Too bad she didnt keep it long


13. Humidified Mess

Humidity can be a real bitch


14. I'm Back

Apparently one of the perks of dying is that you get to come back with good hair. Of course thats only if you are able to keep it up...


15. Frizzy Dixie

Which Dixie unfortunately could not. This is how she looked when Kendall slapped her. Im not surprised


16. Straight and Sophisticated

It wasnt all bad. For a time she kept it straight and sophisticated. She looked good


17. Search for Kate

When she kicked her search for Kate into high gear, she adopted this look. Unfortunately for her it would be her last living style


18. Angellic locks

Dixie is sporting long hair for the first time in nearly 2 decades. That last look is apparently what she would look like were she to become a senior citizen.


19. Raggedy Ann

Rememeber what I said about dying and good hair? Well that was a lie. Was she greeting the dead into heaven or hell?


20. What's Next?

What will she look like the next time we see her? Who knows but this is what Cady currently looks like

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:lol: Best.thread.ever!!

I probably prefer nr.20 the best and it's almost identical to JR's hair (which deserves a whole thread of it's own)!

That red wig in heaven was just atrocious and please someone tell me it was a wig but if it was...WHY???

the page boy cut...fugly!!

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I dont think it was a wig bc thats how she actually went by for a while. It looked better in this professional shot she took, but was so mcuh worse on the show.

Yeah the page boy cut was just too awful for words. I think that was her final look before she left town. Its not surprising Tad cheated on her with Liza looking like that

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Lord have mercy, the page boy. *shudders* That's when you really have to ask yourself where this person's friends are because someone who truly cared about her would've told her the truth even if it meant ending the friendship.

I envy people who can just screw up their hair over and over and have it just keep growing back overnight.

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The Pixie era came after Craig bc thats what she was sporting when Tad came back and Ted followed. She married Brian around 1993 and she was still with him by the time he was recast and left in early 1994.

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