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AMC:Things you want to see before the end

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All the bloggers and mags have posted what they want to see: a Jerica wedding, Angie getting her sight back, a magical cure for Annie, etc... But I'm looking for far more specific scenes. Things that aren't so much about advancing stories but just giving some of us our jollies. Here's part of my list:

  • Frankie kicks Ryan's ass. Not just a punch but an ass-whooping straight out of the old Lethal Weapon movies. Frankie deserves that for all these years of being neutered and Ryan deserves this for all his years of being Ryan.
  • A Madison/Greenlee chickfight that ends with Madison holding Greenlee's head underwater, preferably a toilet
  • Jesse/Liza hate sex
  • Angie/David hate sex
  • Jake and Tad getting haircuts

That's a few of mine. What are yours?

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A Pat Baxter visit > phone call > passing mention. Same goes for Mary and Marian, but especially Pat seeing (no pun intended) what Angie is going through.

Angie getting froggy on Jesse when she learns the truth. Sorry but the image of blind Angie swinging and landing those smacks just rocks my world.

An artful use of montage to establish the passage of time and healing for J&A.

Frankie and Madison smashing once and for all. Particularly if we don't get the greatest surprise of this baby being born beige which would thrust him into the quad and in effect force Ryan out for good and Randi in.

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I am one that wants that Jerica wedding and the K/M family all together. :wub:

I want to see KWAK as Erica's kidnapper and her being killed off and Marissa gone

I want to see David go to prison

I want Kendall/Griffin to have one night together before she finds out Zach is alive.

I want Adam Chandler home again.

I want Jack, Bianca, and Kendall to know that Jane is not Erica and work to trap her and free Erica.

The end of Rylee

Greenlee with Scott

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I want one last David/Erica scene, similar to the one Pratt wrote in 2009. Where they just get to be D&E for a minute, and share a moment, a hug or something like that scene.

I want David to have ONE minute with Miranda. It just feels like such injustice to the characters that this has never happened.

Kendall and Griffin to have real feelings for each other when Zach gets home.

Erica to realize that her loved ones fell for the Jane con, and really give them hell.

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Also, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to see Dorothy Lyman (Opal #1) put in a brief cameo as "a bartender or something" (tm SMG) where she crosses paths w/ Jill Larson. "Don't I know you?"/"Didn't we go to the same high school?" - that sort of thing.

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    • Elizabeth Hendrickson.     Cast photo and Gala:   new opening
    • Sad to hear the news about Rita Lakin.  One of my favorites.
    • Matt Trudeau was never a good  Lucas.  He showed zero personality and couldn't even fake chemistry with a lamp post.  Like Grandma used to say, "Well, at least he's pretty". Ryan Carnes was a chemistry magnet, from familial chemistry with Maxie, Bobbie, Carly, Uncle Luke. He came across as a healer.  The  drawbacks are 1. That Frank can't handle the gays. He botched things at OLTL with Re-Ron and couldn't run any story involving Felix, Brad or Lucas.  Lots of Golden Girls and Knots Landing but zero substance. Most of Lucas and Brad's story was basically Brad running around blathering about the Baby and Lucas while Lucas was off screen. 2.  Lucas wasn't played by anyone #firefrank needs to pay the mortgage for.  If Howarth were Lucas, here would be orderlies in their g-strings in the locker room.  Same with Easton.    As a legacy doctor on the show, Lucas should have been up for Chief of Staff by now.  Not twice a month Terry or Breeeee-tahhhh.  But twice a month Terry and her <cough> three sentences per appearance boytoy <cough> Yuri are fodder for a post of their own.
    • That's why I've always been against using her as a lifer like her screen mother, because she's so cloying and cutesy. She was a bit less so this time, but we barely saw her. Unless she can show real chops I'd still recast. Robyn Richards wasn't as green. I think she could've worked out, but people are forgetting that Kirsten was intensely unpopular in the role for her first disastrous year or so. She had bad and deeply unsympathetic stories. It was moving her into a comic role and the Spinelli pairing that saved her, IMO.
    • I remember Paul, Lauren, Diane, and Andy arriving at Victor and Nikki's wedding together. Did Lauren and Diane not have a formal falling out? I do not remember much Lauren/Diane time from Susan's last run. But Lauren was much more a recurring player at that time. Other than chasing after Paul, she did not have much of storyline until she fell into the Fisher orbit.
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