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CW Fall 2011 Schedule


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CW Fall 2011 Schedule


8pm: Gossip Girl (September 26)

9pm: Hart of Dixie (September 26)


8pm: 90210 (September 13)

9pm: Ringer (September 13)


8pm: H8R (September 14)

9pm: America's Next Top Model (September 14)


8pm: The Vampire Diaries (September 15)

9pm: The Secret Circle (September 15)


8pm: Nikita (September 23)

9pm: Supernatural (September 23)

Cancelled shows:

Life Unexpected


Renewed shows:

Gossip Girl



Vampire Diaries


One Tree Hill

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Wow what a twist. Buffy returns to the WB/CW! But CBS hates serialized shows, so I guess it's not surprise CBS didn't want it on their network.

I hope this isn't bad news for One Tree Hill. I want at least a final 13 episodes to close it out.

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I agree... while I'm glad someone else picked up the pilot... I'm afraid they will dumb it down... look what happened to Nikita... my parents loved the show but the moment the focus went more toward the teen girl.. my parents lost interest

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I agree...though I'd trade OTH for Gossip Girl, which is so fn played out it's ridiculous. That iron cooled off real quick. I'd bring back OTH midseason so that TPTB can write the entire final season knowing that it's going to be the last. I guess they could just give GG the fall to wrap up and OTH the spring.

But yeah, they need to start off with a fresh slate. They really have nothing to lose now. They need to diversify their lineup, look at why ABC Family manages to wear their asses out on Mondays and Tuesdays, and make some big changes. Bring back comedy! I'd love for them to get Sunday nights back, too, somewhere down the road.

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OTH is still one of the best shows on the CW - I put it with Vampire Diaries and Nikita. 90210/Gossip Girl are behind those shows. I'm happy. Go Mark Schwahn - one of the best tv writers right now. :)

So if I guess the schedule:

Mondays: 90210/Gossip Girl

Tuesdays: OTH/HoD

Wednesdays: ANTM/H8ER

Thursdays: VD/Secret Circle

Fridays: Supernatural/Nikita

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HOD and OTH should go well together, if that's where they end up. The whole rural-type setting, thing. It's really time for OTH to go, though. Really. They should come up with the next teen drama in the Dawson/OTH vein. I'd love (shameless indulging) a teen drama focusing primarily on a group of black teens in Cajun country.

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