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CW Fall 2011 Schedule


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What they should do is pair the 20 something shows with the teen shows. Pairing GG/90210 is dumb, its the same show on a different coast. Pair GG/OTH, 90210/HOD, Secret Circle/Supernatural, TVD/Nikita and pair Ringer with Top Model because it had some actual star power behind it and Top Model does well in the female demo that Ringer is prime for. I know they think to pair similar shows to hold the audiance, but likely anyone watching GG is also watching 90210 already (in fact, more people are) so why not use your established shows to lead into your new shows. I know putting Secret Circle on fridays is a risk cuz its new, but genre shows do well there. Im sure they will pair it with TVD tho, and perhaps they should for a launch and if it does well move it with supernatural. They should NOT move TVD though. It needs to stay where it is.

OTH should end at 13 episodes and not get a full season. They need to spend time finding another pilot for mid season because the rest of their pilots not picked up suck.

It also be great if The CW & CBS did some cross promotion. CBS should air the pilot of Ringer in The Good Wife's time slot and at the end promote it is on The CW. It wont happen, but The CW could use the help and this season seems like their most solid.

My biggest issue with The CW is all the break it takes. I wish they would just run from Sept-Dec, then mid Jan-end and only take a three week winter break and perhaps 1 week for thanksgiving/spring if they must. Its so hard to follow when a new episode is on because they will air new ones, then weeks of reruns, one new one, two reruns, two new ones, a months off, etc...

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There is no reason not to a New Orleans based teen show, because the city is very popular for filming right now and offers the discounts/tax breaks. Tho it would likely be a light dramedy instead of a straight drama with moments of comedy, so... maybe its better they dont. and The CW does do middle or lower class.

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I'd be down with the age range pairing thing. I always think that when a channel sorta gets a reputation, they should just jump on it and own it, so I'd love it if The CW went all-out in branding themselves the network for teens and 20somethings. I think they have guaranteed hits with The Ringer and Secret Circle, with Hart probably lasting just one season, but who knows. I totally agree about 90210 and GG. I've been saying that since 90210 debuted, and back then I was negative about that, but now I think it works, especially because GG is so dead and depressing. 90210 is like a warm shot of sun and fresh air.

The breaks need to chill out. IDK if they're trying to be like Glee or ABC Family, but it's obviously not working for The CW the way it does for them, so they need to re-evaluate their scheduling. I wish they'd up the episode order each year for at least TVD. Not Melrose-sized seasons, but just like 25-28 episodes.

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I agree, that is what worked for The CW. They owned being the ntwork for young viewers.

As for the breaks, i wouldnt mind it if they did it like ABC Family, because they air 10-13 episodes straight and then break for months with other new shows on, and then come back with another solid set of straight new episodes.

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8 pm Gossip Girl



8 pm 90210 [new time slot]



8 pm H8R

9 pm America’s Next Top Model


8 pm The Vampire Diaries



8 pm Nikita [new time slot]

9 pm Supernatural [new time slot]

One Tree Hill will be mid season

the pairing of GG/HoD & 90210/Ringer is so odd. It should be flipped.

Nikita is not strong enough to lead fridays.

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TVGuideMagazine TVGuideMagazine Season/series premiere dates from @CW_network: #90120 & #Ringer (w/Sarah Michelle Gellar) bow on Tuesday, 9/13; H8R & Top Model on 9/14

TVGuideMagazine TVGuideMagazine More CW premieres: Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle on Thurs., 9/15; Nikita and Supernatural on Friday 9/23

TVGuideMagazine TVGuideMagazine And finally, CW premieres, Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie on Monday, 9/23

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    • It should be Johnny's new movie!  He needs something to do.  
    • I do, too, @P.J..  However, I would have brought back Scott Eldridge for that function.  He, like Rick Ryan, was a virtual blank slate with a sketchy past and multiple ties on the canvas.  Plus, imagine playing "bad" Scott against his "good" half-brother, D.A. Tom, with their mother, Lisa, who was once Oakdale's most notorious "bad girl," caught in the middle.
    • I’m pretty deep into 1992 and this is just see tv. I’m stunned when you look at how dull 1991 was.    Sheila has been a seamless addition and I don’t think this would be written nearly this well on a soap today. They’re acknowledging her history but presenting her in a way that it makes sense these people accept her. Today, I feel they’d be too tempted to reveal her crazy and it wouldn’t work. Her chemistry with Eric is scorching and I also love her relationships with Brooke and Kristin.    Speakinf of Kristin, I expected her to return for Taylor and Ridge’s wedding and had no idea this was an extended visit. The way they weaved into the Spectra storyline with Clarke worked really well and I’m surprised she didn’t stick around. I also love that they’ve developed her relationship with Felicia and used those two characters to usher in the Bikini Bar (a brilliant location). Zach and Sly are great additions and Felicia finally feels like a character worth watching.    Karen’s intro was pretty successful and I’m enjoying the triangle with her, Thorne and Macy. I also like Bill being back in the mix and having a family member to interact with. His romance with Darla was also a genius move.    The Brooke/Ridge/Taylor/Stephanie/Eric mess has a lot of interesting layers and is riveting tv as well.    The most shocking thing is that there is SO much going on and all of these stories are well balanced in terms of importance. That is so anti-modern B&B. It’s truly shocking how good and complex the show it and it makes me sad to think about how it is now. Just looking at this year, there are so many ideas they could pluck to make the modern show better. More storylines and the Bikini bar for the younger characters would be key things they could use. 
    • Maybe there could be some storyline where Marlena agrees to do a limited podcast series where she tracks down each clone and shares intimate, one-on-one conversations with them, lol.
    • Me either. I hated Ben Warren.  Having loved Scott Bryce, I'm not sure I could've accepted anyone else in the role. I understand that at the time they needed a [!@#$%^&*]-stirrer to shake Oakdale up. And it's hard to come up with a character who'd have as many ties on the canvas (although they rarely, if ever truly used Craig's). Maybe a better solution would have been to import a shady AW character to screw with everyone's lives. Although honestly, I was hella annoyed by Tom Eplin smothering the canvas at the time too. 
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