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Your favorite soap characters of all time

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Since several other old topics have been brought up again recently and since there are always new posters, I thought this might be a way to pass time. Who are your all time favorite soap characters? Primetime, daytime, US, foreign, radio, whatever.

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Nell Beaulac, Ryan's Hope

Laura Avery Sumner, Knots Landing

Lucinda Walsh, ATWT

John Dixon, ATWT

Kathleen McKinnon, AW

Donna Love, AW (with Anna Stuart in the role)

Iris Wheeler, AW

Vicky Love, AW (with Anne Heche in the role)

Rachel Cory, AW

Billy Lewis, GL

Vanessa Chamberlain, GL

Henry Chamberlain, GL

Maureen Bauer, GL

Kim Hughes, ATWT

Alex Spaulding, GL (with Beverlee McKinsey in the role)

Sue Osman, Eastenders

Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge, RH (with Ilene or Randall)

Siobhan Ryan, RH (with Sarah Felder in the role)

Ginger Ward, KL

Alexis Colby, Dynasty

Sable Colby, Dynasty/The Colbys

Ava Rescott, Loving

Gwyn Alden, Loving

Carol Jackson, Eastenders

Jerry Booth, Coronation Street

Elsie Tanner, Coronation Street

Dennis Tanner, Coronation Street

Annie Walker, Coronation Street

Jack Walker, Coronation Street

Felicia Gallant, AW

Cass Winthrop, AW

Emily Stewart, As the World Turns (with Melanie Smith in the role)

Terry Woods, Emmerdale

Annie Sugden, Emmerdale

Jacqui McQueen, Hollyoaks

Sam O'Brien, OB, Hollyoaks

Jill Foster Abbott, Y&R

Sally Spectra, B&B

Dorian Lord, OLTL

Victoria Lord etc etc OLTL

Tina Roberts (Andrea Evans) OLTL

Cord Roberts OLTL

Megan Gordon Harrison OLTL

Karen Wolek OLTL

Marco Dane OLTL

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Female Characters (The First Four Are In Order...The Others, Not So Much):

1. Dinah Marler played by Gina Tognoni (GL)

2. Lucy Coe played by Lynn Herring (GH)

3. Carly Benson played by Sarah Brown (GH)

4. Annie Dutton played by Cynthia Watros (GL)

5. Victoria Newman played by Heather Tom (Y&R)

6. Blake Thorpe played by Sherry Stringfield (GL)

7. Drucilla Winters played by Victoria Rowell (Y&R)

8. India Von Halkein played by Mary Kay Adams (GL)

9. Nina Webster played by Tricia Cast (Y&R)

10. Alexandra Spaulding played by Beverlee McKinsey (GL), Lucinda Walsh played by Liz Hubbard (ATWT) or Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester (BB)

5-10 of this list changes sometimes, but 1-4 is pretty much set in stone lol.

Male Characters

1. Roger Thorpe played by Michael Zaslow (GL)

2. Alan Michael Spaulding played by Rick Hearst (GL)

3. Phillip Spaulding played by Grant Aleksander (GL)

4. Todd Manning played by Roger Howarth (OLTL)

5. Malcolm Winters played by Shemar Moore (Y&R)

6. Ryan McNeil played by Scott Reeves (Y&R)

7. Lane Davies as Mason Capwell (SB)

Honestly, so many male characters I used to love have been ruined. I used to love Peter Bergman's Jack, Tony Geary's Luke, etc.

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Thaddeus James Martin :wub:

Henry Coleman (I only miss ATWT cause of him)

Mac Scorpio

Luke Spencer

Adam Chandler

Jesse Hubbard

John McBain

Todd Manning (though, he's pissing me off here lately)

Kevin Collins

Ned Ashton

Now for the ladies:

Viki Banks

Dorian Lord

Greenlee Smythe

Anna Devane

Molly Davis-Lansing (what a smart little gal)

Angie Hubbard

Tea Delgado

Tracy Quartermaine

Lucy Coe

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DAYS- Julie Williams

SB- Eden Capwell

Y&R- Jill Foster Abbott

B&B- Brooke Logan

AMC- Brooke Chandler

ATWT- Susan Stewart

SUN- Annie Douglas

SFT- Sunny Adamson

LOV- Trisha Alden

OLTL- Max Holden

Melrose- Sydney Andrews

90210- Dylan McKay

Honorable Mentions- Marlena Evans, Liz Chandler, Anna DiMera, Stefano DiMera, Kristen Blake, Cruz Castillo, Augusta Lockridge, Keith Timmons, Gina Blake, Julia Wainright, Mason Capwell, Kelly Capwell, Drucilla Winters, Sharon Newman, Nina Chancellor, Brad Carlton, Thorne Forrester, Liza Colby, Alec McIntire, Arlene Vaughn, Hayley Chandler, Janet Green (Robin Mattson), JR Chandler, Carly Tenney, Jack Snyder, Meg Snyder, Lucinda Walsh, Barbara Ryan, Emily Stewart, Katie Peretti (old school, tart Katie), Tim (SUN), Cole (SUN), Olivia Richards, Hogan McCleary, Liza Sentell, Suzi (SFT), Trucker (LOV), Ava Rescott, Ann Alden, Gwyneth Alden, Ned Bates, Jack Alden, Lily Slater, Blair Daimler, Dorian Lord, Cord Roberts, David Vickers, Amanda Woodward, Jake Hanson, Kelly Taylor, Brenda Walsh

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I know what you mean. I've been "lucky", in that many of my favorites were written out too soon, the actors left and I could blame my distaste on a new actor, or the characters remained stable for a long time.

I forgot a few - I'm glad you mentioned Nina, and India, and the delicious Blake by Sherry (although I did grow to like Liz Keifer over time).

I also forgot Jessica Griffin and Gilly Grant. And poor Nadine on GL. And Dru on Y&R. And Mac Cory, and Clint Ritchie's Clint :(

My honorable mentions:

Olivia Matthews, AW. Aunt Liz, AW. Eleni, GL (before she was recast) Harley, GL (before the life was sucked out of her) Jack Finelli, RH Eden Capwell, SB Maeve Ryan, RH Jill Coleridge, RH Ray Langton, Corrie, Lou and Pauline Beale and Dot Cotton, Eastenders Mark Fowler Eastenders, Viv Windsor Emmerdale, Steph Dean Hollyoaks

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All My Children: Erica Kane, Brooke English, Mark Dalton, Phoebe Tyler

As the World Turns: Susan Stewart, Lucinda Walsh, Kim Hughes, Lisa Grimaldi

Beverly Hills, 90210: Brandon Walsh, Dylan McKay, Andrea Zuckerman, Valerie Malone

The Bold and the Beautiful: Sally Spectra

Coronation Street: Rita Sullivan, Minnie Caldwell, Annie Walker, Ashley Peacock, Todd Grimshaw

Dawson's Creek: Jack McPhee, Pacey Witter, Jen Lindley, Grams

Degrassi The Next Generation: Manny Santos, Craig Manning, JT Yorke, Sean Cameron, Hazel Aden.

EastEnders: Carol Jackson, Pat Evans, Mo Harris

Emmerdale Farm: Annie Sugden, Marian Wilks, Joe Sugden

Dallas: Pamela Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing, JR Ewing, Lucy Ewing

Dark Shadows: Angelique Bouchard, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Carolyn Stoddard, Julia Hoffman

Days of our Lives: Julie Williams, Lucas Roberts, Kate Roberts

Dynasty: Adam Carrington, Alexis Colby, Nick Toscanni, Claudia Blaisdel, Steven Carrington

Flamingo Road: Constance Carlyle, Fielding Carlyle, Lute-Mae Sanders, Sam Curtis

Hollyoaks: Max Cunningham, Darren Osborne, Jacki McQueen, John-Paul McQueen

Knots Landing: Gary Ewing, Karen Fairgate, Abby Cunningham, Richard Avery

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: Loretta Haggers, Blanche Fedders, Tom Hartman, Martha Shumway

Melrose Place: Sydney Andrews, Jo Reynolds, Billy Campbell, Michael Mancini, Jake Hanson

One Life to Live: Dorian Cramer, Victoria Lord, Roxanne Balsom

Peyton Place: Betty Anderson, Norman Harrington, Michael Rossi

Prisoner: Lizzie Birdsworth, Doreen Anderson, Bea Smith, Erica Davidson, Vera Bennett

The Young and the Restless: Traci Abbott, Olivia Winters, Jill Abbott, Katherine Chancellor, Paul Williams

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A few others I forgot

ATWT - Barbara Ryan, Margo Hughes (until somewhere around 1996 when the character died), Tom Hughes (ditto), Ellen Stewart, Betsy Stewart (with Lindsay Frost in the role), Iva Snyder, Emma Snyder, Angel Lange, Andy Dixon, Lisa ______, Craig Montgomery (with Scott Bryce only), Shannon O'Hara (first run only), Lyla Peretti

AMC - Marian Colby, Stuart Chandler, Adam Chandler

B&B - Felicia Forrester, Caroline Spencer, Darla Einstein, Becky

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Another World:

Vicky/Marley Hudson (Anne Heche)

Donna Love

Iris Cory

Cecile DePoulignac

Jake McKinnon

Ryan Harrison

Kathleen McKinnon

Paulina Cory

As the World Turns:

Kim Sullivan

Jennifer Sullivan

Susan Burke

Jack Snyder

Carly Tenney

John Dixon

Dan Stewart

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Sally Spectra

Macy Spectra

Brooke Logan

Sheila Carter

Days of our Lives:

Linda Patterson

Brooke Hamilton

Doug Williams

Julie Olson

Melissa Horton

Kate Roberts

Neil Curtis

Alex Marshall

Jennifer Horton

Jack Deveraux

Kristen Blake

Renée Dumonde

Trish Clayton

Mike Horton (Wesley Eure, Michael T. Weiss)

David Banning

Anna Fredericks

Roman Brady (Wayne Northrup)

Bo Brady

Shane Donovan

Eve Donovan

Kimberly Brady

Frankie Brady


Carol Branning

Max Branning

Janine Butcher

Bianca Jackson

Dot Colwell

The Edge of Night:

Raven Alexander

Sky Whitney

Nola Madison

Nicole Travis

Adam Drake

Emmerdale (Farm):

Charity Dingle

Kim Barker Tate

Steph Turner

Zoe Tate

Andy Sugden

Robert Sugden

Victoria Sugden

Joe Sugden

Viv Windsor

Eric Pollard

Emily Wylie

Betty Eagleton

General Hospital:

Bobbie Spencer

Lesley Williams Webber

Dillon Quartermaine

Tracy Quartermaine

Mac Scorpio

Anna Devane

Felicia Jones

Georgie Jones

Audrey March

Liz Webber (before all the crap)

Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer)

Faith Roscoe

Ned Ashton

(The) Guiding Light:

Billy Lewis

Vanessa Chamberlain

Jonathan Randall (up to Tammy's death)

Tammy Winslow

Blake Thorpe

Roger Thorpe

Holly Norris

Alexandra Spaulding (Beverlee McKinsey)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (Rick Hearst)

Beth Raines (Judi Evans)

Lujack Luvonaczek

Bridget Rearson

Nola Reardon

Quint Chamberlain

Ross Marler

Rita Stapleton


Mandy Richardson

Max Cunningham

Darren Osbourne

Cindy Cunningham

Sam 'O.B.' O'Brien

Clare Devine

Steph Dean

Craig Dean

Mercedes McQueen

Nancy Hayton

Becca Hayton

Jake Dean

John Paul McQueen

Nicole Owen

Jess Harris

Zak Ramsay

One Life to Live:

Dorian Cramer

Tina Lord

Cord Roberts

Gabrielle Medina

Joe Riley

Jenny Wolek

Herb Callison

Meredith Lord

Larry Wolek

Santa Barbara:

Mason Capwell

Julia Wainwright

The Secret Storm:

Belle Clemens

The Young and the Restless:

Jill Foster

Lorie Brooks

Diane Jenkins (Alex Donnelly)

Billy Abbott (David Tom)

Victoria Newman (Heather Tom)

Colleen Carlton (Lynsey Fonseca)

Nina Webster


I'm sure there are a lot of characters I am forgetting.

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I'm going to begin with my baby, my heart and soul Guiding Light :lol:

Alexandra Spaulding

Roger Thorpe

Blake Thorpe

Holly Lindsey Reade

Alan-Michael Spaulding

Bridget Reardon

Nola Reardon

Maureen Bauer

Alan Spaulding

Vanessa Chamberlain

Ross Marler

Rita Stapleton

Harley Cooper

Dinah Marler

David Grant

Josh Lewis

Billy Lewis

Phillip Spaulding

Rick Bauer

Mindy Lewis

Nadine Cooper

....and yes in that order.

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General Hospital:

Bobbie Spencer

Lesley Williams Webber

Dillon Quartermaine

Tracy Quartermaine

Mac Scorpio

Anna Devane

Felicia Jones

Georgie Jones

Audrey March

Liz Webber (before all the crap)

Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer)

Faith Roscoe

Ned Ashton

WOW! We totally have the same favorite characters, plus a few for me.

Okay' here are mine:


Bobbie Spencer

Monica Quartermaine

Lesley Webber

Audrey March

Jessie Brewer

Faith Roscoe

Ned Ashton

Lois Cerulo

Skye Chandler

Georgie Jones

Felicia Jones

Tracy Quartermaine

Dillon Quartermaine

Anna DeVane

Robin Scorpio

Alan Quartermaine


Nina Webster

Nikki Newman

Jill Foster

Neil Winters

Drucilla Barber

Olivia Barber

Phyllis Summers

Liz Foster

Sofia Dupree

Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore days..Not Eddie Winslow)


Dorian Lord

Viki Lord

Kelly Cramer

Lindsay Rappaport

Nora Buchannan

Clint Buchannan (BOTH incarnations)



Kendall Hart (Sarah Michelle Gellar Only)

Erica Kane


Angie Hubbard

Jessie Hubbard

Hayley Vaughan

Skye Chandler


Stephanie Forrestor

Taylor Hayes

Amber Moore


Maggie Horton

Julie Horton

Bo Brady

Nicole Walker

Alice Horton

Mickey Horton

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