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OLTL: Discussion for the week of March 7

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Starr and James fighting over who's going to hang up first. Oh god, shoot me!

Only if you shoot me first. Gag, they are just forcing these two down our throats with the blog and all. Cole who?

I think they're going for a dark twisted sexy fun thing with TnT. It brings the :rolleyes: though.

I am not looking forward to certain spoilers for this week.

BTW, in your area after AMC did they play the commercial for KDP singing Happy Birthday for the breast cancer commercial then the Celeine Dion one immediately after?

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This Tess and the Fords thing... this is so... I don't even know what to say. I'm having a hard time even believing that Viki is across town somewhere and wouldn't be in her car following this girl's every move. Does anyone know for how long Tess is going to be out? I prefer Jessica over Tess. Period.

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