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OLTL promo: Todd losing control!

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    • This cast truly lacks chemistry and it’s hurting the show. It feels like they barely tolerate each other. 
    • ATL This season is rough and production knows it. When we see them doing editing tricks to give Kenya demon eyes, and editing the footage of the women packing up their bags and getting Uber Eats like it’s a late 90s R&B video you know they’re in big trouble. Kenya’s non storyline with that halftime show was such a flop. I’d have respect for her if she powered through and did it, but no she went off and got a chest X Ray that showed she’s fine. At least when Vicki Gunvalson melodramatically goes to the ER it has comedic value.  Speaking of tired storyline, Kandi should be careful because I cannot imagine anyone gives a f*ck about Mama Joyce continuing to hate Todd for the last decade, plus. Time to get cameras on Wigs & Cigs and Nene to try and save this franchise.  
    • Oh that liberal media. Amazing how many people are lining up to do anything for such a repulsive and deeply uncharismatic man.
    • I agree. And as I said above, most of the interim stuff worked. Especially the Ryan saga with Felicia and Mac.
    • Didn't he also have a terrible relationship with Potter? Really terrible? I know Potter was long gone by then but it probably wasn't a happy memory for him.
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