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Deacon/Nikki Neacon 's relationship will blosson in the New Year, much to Victor chargin. look for the black knight to be hell bent on desttorying Deacon. Watch for Victors revenge scheme to have disastrous results.

Billy/Vicky The couple's marriage deepens when they end up in a tough situation. Watch for the couple to find happiness later in the year.

Kevin/Chloe The two will have a special night on new years's eve. Watch for Jana to continue being a thorn in their side.

Katherine/Jill The old rivals go to war once again all because of a man Colin. Kays sixth sense tells her something isn't on the up and up with colin, but Jill disagrees. Jill believes Katherine is just being a hater.

Nick/Diane Watch for the ex- stepson and ex-stepmother's relationship to grow, this isn't a roll in the hay. Nick and Diane newfound relationship will have repercussions for others. Diane's feelings for Nick will deepen, but not enough for her to share her bed with only him.

Sharon Her choice to exonerate Adam for Sky's death may result in her losing faith again.

Other dish

Look for a character to meet a fiery end.

One half of a supercouple will die

A beloved character will marry the devil himself, and no she isn't blond

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Obviously Victor learned nothing from his Christmas Eve episode, not that it's surprising. The bright side his revenge could get Deacon out of town.

As long as Villy's happiness doesn't include Delia or Reed this won't be more puke worthy than any other Villy moment .

Poor Jill is going to end up looking like a fool for believing in Colin. Kay= saint, Jill=evil got it. Just because he has an Australian accent doesn't mean he had to be related to Cane.

Let me guess Victor is going to "die" and his family will worship him again.

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    • Thanks for all the info. I did not know about some of that. That explains when Sue Ellen did her movie, she did not include Pam. I figured she would have the them do the scene of when J.R. caused her to fall that caused the miscarriage or show the flashback of it. Victoria was right to leave if they were not willing to pay her the same rate as Duffy. She got screwed because of Duffy leaving and then he gets paid the big bucks to return. I have come to dislike the Bobby character somewhat. Duffy seemed to get more smarmy/hammy as the show progressed, especially after his return. I always hated how Bobby threw Pam under the bus where Jenna was concerned. Even in the first year, Bobby would drop everything for Jenna and then acted like Pam was being ridiculous when she was a bit jealous. They resolved Charly was not Bobby's in that episode, but then when Jenna returned, they started that crap all over again. I might have cared if Fairchild had returned to the role and it was better written, but Presley did not impress me enough to care about Jenna.  I also thought it was a mistake to kill off Kristin so fast. She could have driven story for years. Since they did kill her off, they should have had baby Christopher to really be J.R.'s and have Bobby and Pam keep the secret for years. Maybe have little Christopher start to exhibit devious tendencies as he started to grow up. 
    • I’m not watching but people are saying the Muchova/Sabalenka match is great.
    • I think we're nearer the tipping point where SCOTUS will have to finally be overhauled, tbh. It will take time but it's rattled the general public.
    • Was she up for the part Julia Stiles got, I wonder? Dexter's equally crazy mate? I'd assume so. Claudia and Johnny were weirdly intimate together from the jump (and again, I felt it suited the very gothic characters) so I'm not sure I fully agree with that complaint, though I can understand not wanting it to be made more textual. I've seen too many women like Sarah Brown dismissed as crazy or irrational over the years only to be vindicated through the passage of time. So I'm sure Sarah has a lot of very valid and true complaints about her ordeals with her ex, some of her work at GH, etc. But I'm not sure what she wanted Jackie or others to do, or about what instance specifically.
    • I've seen several people suggest this is to save face for some terrible rulings to come. I don't doubt it, although I don't want to take for granted that we're near the tipping point where SCOTUS will have enough Alito types that they won't even give these crumbs. I wonder if Roberts, always so anxious and angst-ridden about public perception of the Court, finally feels foolish for boasting about the end of racism when he struck down most of the VRA. 
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