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AMC: SOD/SOW Spoilers


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Credit goes to DontStare for posting these at Soapcentral:

A setside source tells SOD that Debbie Morgan is set to take off several months due to a personal matter. Kreizman feels confident she'll be back in the first few months of 2011. He says in addition to the baby they have a lot of story waiting for her. They're holding the story they were planning to play now.

Angie will leave town to visit Cassandra after a scare with the baby. Finn Wittrock's one year deal has ended with AMC and he's opted to leave. Kreizman says Damon will go out under big/dramatic circumstances.

JR gets gifted by his ladies this week. Annie gives him a decleration of love, while Marissa gives him a petition for joint custody of AJ. Sarah G. says her first scenes with JR ARE basically JR/Marissa reconciling on the topic of AJ. Of course Marissa might regret her decision if she finds out about Annie/JR. JR can keep his mouth shut, but Annie is another story. Sarah is interviewed in SOW. She read up on the character of Marissa. Marissa will be taking a more formidable turn. It gets JR's respect. She thinks the writers are flirting with rekindling their romance but has no idea how far that'll go. She notes JR loves Marissa, but being in love is a different thing. Marissa/Annie will be sparring in the coming weeks, she loves MCE & those types of scenes are her fave.

Jake is going to find out Griffin is really Cara's brother which is going to jumble things up for him. But she still won't reveal the real reason she left which angers him. They're being adults about working together at the hospital. Right now it's Jake loves Amanda, Cara is working at the hospital. That's it. For now.

Wk of 12/20

Erica/Caleb grow closer. JR loses Cortlandt. Madison tells Ryan to stop helping. Greenlee ponders telling Ryan the truth about Madison. Kendall stands up for herself.

Wk of 12/27

Will Greenlee help Madison who takes a nasty spill? Kendall opens Zach's gift to her. The widow feels Zach's spirit guiding her which leads to some reconciliation. Marissa worries about Scott. Annie worries about Marissa to Amanda.


SOD gives AMC the Editors' Choice for the week of 11/22 - David's return, Kendall finding out Zach is dead. Most of their readers didn't seem shocked about David & they question ABC's new strategy of deceiving the audience for their own good but David's return packed the extravagent punch despite all that. They gives kudos to VI's performance as well as Allen's (her best performance to date) and Budig's with the reveal. Was it worth all the effort? Meh, but they're happy AMC still has VI. In counterpoint and more understated drama, elsewhere Kendall learned Zach was dead. AM made scenes soap fans have seen a zillion times feel fresh and horrifyingly real. They give kudos to the writers showing restraint in writing the scenes (particularly the voicemail moment).

An SOW editor loved the location shoot for Zach's death. It added to the punch of the scenes. From Ryan diving in to Kendall and the flowers. The editor gives kudos to AM's terrific performance against the terrific location.

SOW has AMC Hit/Misses. Too many. Rylee get the miss storyline but they are intrigued by Mad's pregnancy. Caleb/Erica don't have chemistry. Give Tad/Liza another shot! Greenlee sucks. David's return = Yay! Adam/Brooke = Yay! They basically say LB did the first few months of the year good, after that meh. There's other stuff, but again - too many.

Featured columnit Mallory missies David Canary on AMC.

Thumbs Down to backburning Frandi, then un-backburning them to attach them to Madison who tortured them.

MAIL: A Jerica fan just wants Jerica already! A fan wants the great Kaye on OLTL. Fans still hate Rylee. Over at SOD, a fan writes in that although they feel overall disappointment about things on AMC, AM is kickin' butt w/her performance. Another fan dislikes Rylee and wants Esta/Gillian back on the show.

They have actors write end of year letters recapping the past year. Alicia for AMC.

No extra scoops in the synop section.

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As long as Frankie is involved in the Madison/Ryan/Greenlee storyline, then I'm all for this baby storyline... so PLEASE do not let Madison fall down stairs and have a miscarriage.

Looking forward to the return of the QUAD storyline :) I hope the nuMarissa is good... looking forward to Scott too.

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It's skeevy. Leave that crap to reality shows, put that effort into what we see on screen. I sometimes really question the marbles of some of the people working BTS, being so out of touch with their audience and common sense.

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Don't like the sound of this. Several months? Kreizman feels confident? And what I've learned is you always have to take the worst interpretation of a Kreizman-provided time-line. So Debbi being back in the "first few months of 2011" = March...April? And that's just to start taping.

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Spoilers are a fact of life. Primetime shows can handle spoilers without outright lying to the audience and the lies don't work anyway. Most people knew David was coming back and the ones who didn't were basically practicing willing ignorance. They're better off not talking about it rather than spewing lies and BS.

It doesn't sound that way to me. It sounds like this is about life, not work. JMHO.

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    • Per what I can recollect (as it was late and honestly some fans really are tone deaf when talking to her), it went like this: SJB was up for auditioning for a role on Dexter, and Guza heard about what the character was and over a weekend completely came up with the idea of Claudia wanting to do "inappropriate" things with Johnny, and this upset her. So she went to Frons and talked about her previous experiences at ABC, et al, and they refused to change the storyline, so she decided to leave. This, on top of what Scott McKinsey did, is what soured her experience as Claudia, despite wanting to be there in that role. As for Nancy Lee Grahn & Vanessa Marcil, she's upset neither spoke out in support of her, but she also understands why some (like Grahn) cannot because they have their own families to support and think about. She also mentioned how she and Jacklyn Zeman fell out 20 years ago because she asked Zeman to support her and her claims, and Zeman declined. But that Zeman reached out a bit ago and she chose to forgive and just embrace Zeman, despite still wanting an apology for what went wrong.
    • I'd forgotten about that. That makes a lot of sense.  Sorry for not tagging you. Hard to remember a lot of the names.
    • when granger joined atwt in 1986, his partner, robert calhoun, was the executive producer. calhoun left the show in 1988. wonder if that had anything to do with granger’s status? 
    • Actually Y and R was moved to try to defeat AMC by starting at the earlier start at 12:30PM on June 8, 1981 (42 years ago today). Y and R was going up against Ryan's Hope on ABC and easily dominated the 12:30 pm to 1PM EST time slot, but AMC would beat Y & R from the 1 to 1:30 slot. Eventually Y and R dominated Ryan's Hope and was able to defeat AMC in the 1:00PM slot which is what allowed Y and R to go to Number 1 in the ratings. Ryan's Hope was cancelled in 1989.
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