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AMC - Tuesday 11/16/10

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I dont want Amanda to cheat. It will only give Jake an excuse to call her a whore and a slut 20 times an episode. Opal and ther est of the Martin's will look down on her judgementally while kicking her to the curb and this time they wont have David around to blame for her actions. Oh wait if she does it with Griffin, they will blame David for sending him to town to destroy Jake's marriage and hurting his family

I'm sure Jake will say David probably sent Griffin to dig the pothole that damaged Jake's car.

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I watched live, and this was the absolute BEST! No exaggeration at all. Old Opal literally was speechless for about a good 5 seconds!!

Opal really was speechless. She had that "how dare you talk to me this way, but I know you're telling the truth", look going on, lol.

Natalia, that would be a miracle.

A Gratalia romance could be amazing

I think that it could be fun to see a cocky man ladies man like Griffin, try and pursue someone like Natalia. A woman who is very hesitant to get involved in a relationship.

I think it could be fun to see her try and shut him down, but him still trying to pursue her romantically. And maybe her eventaully finding him hard to resist.

Maybe we will get to see him at least try and flirt with her. ^_^

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I just realized that she was standing in Erica's living room acting as if she was the Queen B. Bitch, sit down and know your place. As she was kicking Liza out, I would have loved it if Erica walked in and told her that she could follow her out the door bc she likes to keep her home a skank free zone.

Bwahaha! That would have been CLASSIC!

Rosie Wells was her MGM stage name before she went back to her maiden name Vanessa Simms. "Nessa" was her alter.

Ah, yes. I forgot about that.

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