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AMC - Friday October 15, 2010

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What an idiotic move. The main prosecuting point that Liza has against Greenlee is that she killed David so she could be with Ryan. How stupid of him to kiss her right outside the courtroom when anyone could walk in on them. How would this look if a jury member or Liza saw? I hope Madison shows up on monday, sees this and drop kicks him to the curb.


Irritating Ho


Why Is She Still Here Ho


Broke Ho


Trial Ho


We Love This Ho


The Honorable Ho

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I half-watched from 1:30 - 1:56.

Can someone smack Tad, please? Why does JR have to prove anything to Marissa regarding AJ?

This is why I detest the Tad and JR relationship, always dissing Adam's method of doing anything, especially raising kids and heading a family. ADAM CALLED IT FROM DAY ONE! He did not think it was a good idea AT ALL for JR to let Whorissa adopt AJ. Not. At. All. What did JR do? Start puffing and pissing about Adam trying to control him and his son and blah, blah, blah... Well, see where that got you, Junior? Smack dab in yet another custody battle for that boy. I understand that JR thought he was going to die and yadda, yadda, yadda... but, if anything, if he wanted AJ away from Adam's influence after his death, he should've willed AJ over to Krystal. That way, AJ would still be with Marissa (if it was sooo important to have Marissa in his life :rolleyes: ), and also be living with his grandmother and aunt Kathy. So on the off chance JR did survive and his marriage to the Bore didn't, there would be NONE of this mess.

With that said...

I'm tired of everyone seemingly forgetting the fact that Marissa wouldn't be involved in AJ's life at all if it wasn't for JR. Marissa's being extremely selfish, using AJ as revenge.

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I think they realized awfully quick that when you do have a Jamie Luner type in the role, you're wasting her on the "Martin Approved" version of Liza Colby circa 1998-2002. Today's DA Liza is right in line with 1995's WRCW Liza. I can see this Liza taking no prisoners, exploiting traumas of the citizens of Pine Valley for TV ratings, with a "Sorry, but that's life" kind of attitude. As for the 2009 horny girl who just wanted Zach's schlong and had baby fever... I place that version of Liza with that Army Girl in the "They were never on this show" category.

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I've never been comfortable with the speed and intensity of Marissa's insta-mommyhood of A.J. I realize that's her sister's child, but it's not like she was raised with Babe and saw her sister through her pregnancy et cetera. There is no doubt that she loves the boy, but does she love J.R. more? If all involved were really honest with themselves, they'd admit that emotion at times superseded rational thinking during the feverish months of J.R.'s illness. And Marissa did in fact go to J.R. with this, she wanted to make sure that the role he wanted her to play in his and A.J.'s life came from a genuine place and not the almost manic rainbows and sunshine place he was in as he'd practically accepted death. It's a tough call because J.R. wasn't exactly lying, that was the place he was truly in. Marissa needs to get the tears and frustration out, suck it up, and realize that things didn't work out as she'd hoped. Painful, but you'll live. Move on Martha move on. She needs to be brutally honest with herself and ask if life is bearable and best for A.J. (not her) by being his aunt and not his mother. Who is taking him away from J.R. really about? Marissa and Krystal can go through the courts to ensure that they see their grandson/nephew as much as possible, but it is not necessary for the boy to live under Marissa's roof. Frankly, I think she and J.R. both fracked up by making that boy think Marissa was a second Mommie. The only person he should have ever had a relationship like that with was one of his grandmothers or an aunt with a PLATONIC relationship with J.R. You don't do that when you've hardly been with a woman for a year.

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    • No such luck.  Colin threatened him and broke Leo's phone.  I don't even blame Colin.  After listening to Leo babble for long periods I think it's actually a normal human reaction to threaten Leo and break his phone.
    • Rep. Maxwell Frost trashes Florida Gov. Rhonda DeSantis with F-bomb  
    • I think the show could have easily pivoted Karen back to Jason if Jagger left and had her deal with college and the fall out from Scott being her father (even though I don't think Kin was on the show at the time lol).  I definitely think Karen had enough material for story without Jagger for a year. I could also see why they wrote her out due to the build up of the Karen/Jagger romance and the fact KMc was old enough to carry her own teen story.   Karen wasn't necessary anymore.  I do think it would have been nice for Karen to be around for Stone/Robin.  I have always found Jagger/Karen's absence fairly glaring in an otherwise near perfect story. I agree Brenda hugely benefitted from Jagger/Karen leaving.  She could get development/focus, she could be paired with Sonny without constant reminders of the Karen relationship, and it allowed Brenda to be aged up into adult stories fairly easily with her main peers not around.   I think Brenda could have lasted without Sonny.  She is another character you could easily pair up with AJ/Jason until Jason has his accident and then pair her up with Ingo once he was cast.  Since Ingo was hired for Lois/Rena I'll go with the assumption he would have been cast regardless of what Brenda was doing.  Obviously, no telling how successful she would have been, but I have no problem seeing Brenda still being a major player in 90's stories without Sonny.   Vanessa/Brenda really didn't have much competition in her age range at that time. I do see the comparison with Casey/Julia. As far as Julia, I think she got lumped in with all the other Monty failures at the time even though she seemed to have the most potential.  I have never understood the reasoning not to re-visit Julia at any length especially in the 90's.  
    • While I always take anything new this show does with a massive GOS, the fact that Zeke is in this week's promo with Drew leaves me cold to the character before he even gets going.  Must everything be tied to Sonny or Carly?  
    • A few years ago, there was a certain number of the banking and business sectors that tried to promote the idea of a “cashless” society and at first, I was willing to hear them out but upon hearing more information, I decided that it would eventually become another facet of a divide along socioeconomic lines, with the ‘haves’ benefiting and the ‘have nots’ being at a marked disadvantage. We’re already getting a taste of the repercussions of this with some establishments that have tried to deny cash payments, for example an upscale fast-casual eatery called Sweetgreen (very popular here in the Northeast U.S.) which was forced to reverse their anti-cash policy after a severe backlash once the policy became public. Well, they do say that necessity is the mother of invention and necessity, and I guess necessity can also provide the incentive to transform and refigure.
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