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I need your help and input for a project


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He will get around to answering my questions in a day or two. His 4 year old son is scheduled to have a tonsillectomy today (Tuesday), but with the road conditions (icey, wintery mix of precipitation; all the schools are closed), I wonder if they will have to re-schedule.

Scott was saying how nervous he was with the prospect of his son going under general anesthesia, and when he heard about my bizarre medical problems, it only intensified his concerns. I reassured him that nothing like what happened to me would happen to his son.

I've been trying to contact Walter Miller, Jr. of the Erika Slezak Fan Club, as well as the Dark Shadows FC...I've written several times...but no response. I'd love to get their perspective.

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I am awaiting the answers to the questions I forwarded to Scott Bryce. A few minutes ago, I heard from Kurt McKinney. He has agreed to an interview! I'm looking forward to meeting him. Hopefully, we can schedule our talk for sometime next week, which is the 74th anniversary of the radio premiere of GL.

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The day is getting better with each passing moment. I have just received two signed books by author Dr. Jeff Thompson 'House of Dan Curtis: The Television Mysteries of the Dark Shadows Auteur' and 'The Television Horrors of Dan Curtis, Dark Shadows, The Night Satlker and Other Producitons, 1966-2006.'

These two books will assist me greatly with my project. But, best of all, I have your enthusiasm and encouragement, which I am deeply grateful for. These past 10 days have been very difficult for me, but I am focusing on one thing -- being well enough to give my presentation in San Antonio in April. Thank you!

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Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you some very sad news. I have just sent the following letter to the chairperson of my Soap Opera Panel discussion group for the American Popular Culture Association's annual conference in San Antonio, Texas (April 19 - 23).

My health issues have taken a dramatic, and unforeseen, downturn within the last month. I will not be able to attend this conference, but have asked the chair if I may attend NEXT year's conference, which, if memory serves me correctly, will be held in Boston.

Dear Dr. Irwin,

Within the last month, my already seriously compromised health has seen several unforeseen setbacks.

I was waiting to get my doctor's recommendations as to my fitness to be able to travel and whatever course of medical action may be required.

Sadly, I do not think I will be able to attend this year's conference. I had prepared more than half of my presentation. I had made contact with several daytime stars and had interviewed several fan club presidents and webmasters. The insights I was able to ascertain from them were enlightening and most interesting.

Perhaps, I could join all of you during NEXT year's conference in Boston. Until then, please keep me in your prayers as I focus on my seemingly endless medical soap opera.


The most troubling bit of news I have received is that I may have 'lung cancer,' which devastates me because I have never smoked (or drank or did any type of recreational drugs). If it is lung cancer, I believe we have caught it at its very early stages.

Last week, I went to see a new surgeon about my continuing abdominal issues. Coincidentally, it was the same hospital in which Christopher Reeve (ex-Ben Harper, 'Love of Life' and later, of course, 'Superman') died. The new surgeon said that my situation is so complicated that it would require a big city hospital. I, therefore, have made an appointment to see a surgeon at NYU Medical Center.

I know I will have all of your good wishes, and I look forward to completing my presentation, which, I hope to deliver NEXT year. I believe the best therapy I could have is to remain focused, so I will keep my scheduled interviews with Kurt McKinney and others, who have been so nice to consent to be part of my research.

So, I will need more information, and I look forward to reading your amazing insights into the History of Soap FanDom. Thank you all very much.

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I'm sorry. I am always thinking of you and your health and I hope that things will improve. You have such a strong will and passion and ultimately that can make a big difference. I hope to keep talking on here with you for a long time to come.

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Thank you, Your friendship and support means so much to me. I wanted to share some other news with you, about my wife Joan (one of the reasons why I want to talk to Kurt McKinney so much is because he was part of a May-Decmeber relationship on GL, and I have been happily married to my wife, who is 25 years my senior, for more than 23 years).

Joan made the local papers in a big way...

Former Peekskill resident, Joan Springer, age 79, has realized her lifelong dream: She has earned her High School Equivalency Diploma with highest honors.

As a baby, Joan suffered the first of two traumatic injuries when her older brother, who was jealous of the baby, jabbed a metal nilefile through her ear and punctured her ear drum, and rendering her deaf from that point on.

At age 9, Joan suffered yet another life-scarring traumatic injury, when she was run over by a truck and sustained severe head injuries, which at the time, spelled the end of her formal schooling.

Joan and her family, originally from Stamford, Connecticut, settled into the Peekskill area in 1950. Joan was a resident of the city for the next 40 years.

Now, at the age of 79, after an intensive four month long home study course, Joan has earned her High School Equivalency Diploma from the Stratford Career Institute (St. Albans, Vermont).

Joan recently received her diploma in the mail along with her official transcript that showed she earned a 92% average!

Up until two years ago, when she fell and broke her ankle, Joan was a certified Home Health Aide, working for Family Services of Westchester, Inc., in Ossining.

Joan has been tending to her husband of 23 years, Bill, who is now disabled. Times have been very hard for the couple, as her husband has had 10 abdominal surgeries over the past 10 years, and is facing more surgery in the near future. Additionally, he is now being tested for Lung Cancer, although he has never smoked. Joan, herself, proudly gave up both drinking and smoking 37 years ago.

Among the many people to congratulate Joan on this outstanding accomplishment was NYS Assemblywoman Sandra R. Galef, D-Ossining. "Joan is an inspiration to us all," Mrs. Galef said recently.

Marylou Bondi, the former First Lady of Putnam County (1991-2010), had this to say: "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! My congratulations to Joan for persevering and realizing her dream."

We wish this couple well as they face these difficult challenges and congratulate Joan on this most significant accomplishment!

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