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AMC: Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Thanks for the information. I wish there was more of a fallout from that storyline, I think that Kendall should have stayed mad at Zach/Bianca longer. I'm not a Kendall fan, a lot of the time I really don't like her but I thought the way Zach/Bianca did her was very wrong. I wish that that there had been more consequences for their actions.But I can understand why the writers don't want to focus on that storyline anymore and just move past it.

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Asher climbs through Colby's bedroom window and she is asking him what the hell is he doing. If that boy climbed into my bedroom, Id be thanking the Lord


Kane Women together again!


JR says he hurt Annie for "turning her back on us"


Annie: "There is no us"


Scene ends with them kissing and him picking her up

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E: I just cant beleive you let Greenlee get to you again"


K: "We are in a better place right now"


E: Okay, just wait till she makes your pkane fall out of the sky"


B: "Greenlee says she had nothing to do with that. It was all David's idea

K: "Greenlee was being manipulated"


E: "Are you kidding me? Greenlee wasnt manipulated. Nobody maniupulates Greenlee. Greenlee brought out the worst in David. I know bc I almost died a result. Im just so glad she's finally paying for her crimes...well at least one of them"

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A: "What does it look like Im doing"


C: "It looks like you are taking off your clothes"


A: "Ahh, smart girl"

Interesting that they didnt use the shot from the bumper when he said this line. I like the closeup better

More naked Asher



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